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Wasila-E-Masoom Vol. 7
Duas For Health

Compiled by Hurein Teja and Sukaina Z. Hasham

All these dua's are from Quranic verses and have worked successfully upon all those who have put faith in Allah (swt) and His Ahlulbayt ('a) who always advised their followers to rely upon Allah for facing trials and tribulations in the life of this world. To enable us to obtain our desires, to have sufficient sustenance, to cure ailments, they have pointed out dua's (ayats), which if recited or used as advised by them, bring desired results...

Book reference - Dua's volume three part 2.

Cure for Any Pain

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The earth of Karbala, known as Khaake Shifa, cures every ailment, save the deadly diseases (by which death has been decreed).

At the time of eating Khaake Shifa for curing a disease say:

"Bismillaahi wa billaahi Allahumma Rabba haad'ihit turbatil mubaarakatiz' z'aahirati wa Rabban nooril lad'ee unzila feehi wa Rabbal jasadil lad'ee sakana feehi wa Rabbal malaa-ikatil muwakkileena bihija'lhu shifaa-an-min daa-in."

(In the name of Allah, for Allah, O Allah, the Lord of this sacred, helpful earth, the Lord of the light which is in it, the Lord of the body which is resting in it, the Lord of the guarding angels, let it cure my diseases.)

(mention the name of the disease, then kiss the earth and eat it with some water and continue)

"Allahummaj-a'lhu rizqan waasi-a'n wa i'lman naafi-a'n wa shifaa-an min kulli daa-in wa suqmin."

(O Allah, let this (pure earth) be a source of abundant means of livelihood, useful knowledge and a remedy for all (my) pains and ailments).

Imam has said that the earth should not be more than a seed of grain.

For Cure of Pain or Illness

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It is written in Zaid al Mi-a'd that the Holy Prophet ('s) told his companions to carry out the following procedure in order to cure and heal whatever type of pain or illness is afflicting a person.

1) Obtain rain water of spring (Ab-e-Naysan) in the month of April.
2) Recite 70 times the following Suras over the water:

i)  Fatihah
ii) Ayatul Kursi
iii) al Ikhlas
iv) al Falaq
v) an Nas
vi) al Kafirun
vii) al Qadr

3) Recite 70 times, the following:
i)   Allahu Akbar
ii)  Laa ilaaha illallah
iii) Allahumma salli a'laa muh'ammadin wa aali muhammad.

4) Drink it in the morning daily for several consecutive days.

Cure of Pain

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It is written in Hulyatul Muttaqin that Imam Jafar bin Muhammad al Sadiq ('a) advised his companions to put the right hand on the ailing part of the body and recite the following dua 3 times.

Allahu Allahu Rabbe haqqan laa ushrika bihii shay-an Allahumma anta lahaa wa likulli azeematin fafirrajha annee

(Allah, Allah, He is really my Lord, I do not associate anything with Him. O my Allah, You have total power over it and all like it, so separate it from me).

Cure for any Disease

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Imam Ali ibn Abu Talib ('a) advised one of his companions to recite the following dua to cure any disease if Allah so wills.

"Audhu bi-izzatillahi wa qudratihee alal ashyaani ueedhu nafsee bijabbaris samaai ueedhu nafsee biman laa yazurru ma-a's-mihee daaun ueedhu nafsee billadhis-muhoo barakatun wa shifaa-un."

(I seek refuge with the might and power of Allah He has over all things. I give my soul in protection of Allah who keeps the sky in place. I leave my soul to Allah to take care of it because when His name is pronounced, no disease can harm. I give my soul in protection of Allah because His name gives in return, well-being, health and happiness).

Cure of any Disease

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To cure any disease make a vow that if the ailing person gets well, 1400 or 14000 salawaat will be recited for Imam Musa bin Jafar al Kazim ('a)

"Allahumma salli alaa Muhammadin wa aali Muhammad."

(O Allah, send blessings on Muhammad and on the children of Muhammad)

Face- Freckles

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To cure the reddish black freckles on the face write the following on the freckles.

"Wa hiya tamurru marras-sah'aab s'un-a'l laahil lad'eee atqana kulla shay innahoo khabeerum bimaa taf-a'loon."

(They pass away as the clouds pass away; the work of Allah who has formed everything in perfect shape and order. Verily He is aware of what you do).


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The following dua was given to Imam Ali ibn Abu Talib ('a) by the Holy Prophet ('s) to cure fever, if Allah wills.

"Allahummar-h'am jildiyar raqeeqa wa adhmiyad daqeeqa wa audhu bika min fawratil hareeqiyaa umma mildamin in kunti aamanti billahi falaa taa'kulil lah'-ma wa laa tashrabid dama wa laa tafooree minal ghami wantaqilee ilaa man yaz-u'mu anna maa'llahi ilaahan aakhara fa-innee ash-hadu an laa ilaaha illallahu wah'dahu laa shareeka lahu wa anna mahammadan abduhoo wa rasooluhoo sallallaahu a'layhi wa aalihee."

(O my Allah have mercy on my tender skin, my intricate bones. I seek your protection from the heat of burning flames. O fever, if you accept Allah's (authority), do not devour my flesh, nor drink my blood, nor be fierce in my anguish, but go to a disbeliever who disbelieves that there is another god with Allah because I bear witness that there is no god save Allah, the One, and that Muhammad is his servant and his messenger. 
Blessings of Allah be on him and on his children).

To cure fever, recite as well as keep on the body as a tawidh of Dua-e-Noor Saghir.


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It is written in Tibb al-Aimmah that Imam Muhammad bin Ali al Baqir ('a) said:

"Whosoever suffers from a complaint of the head, let him put his hand on it and recite 7 times:"

"Audhu billahillad'ee sakana lahoo maa fil barri wal bah'ri wa maa fis samaawaati wa maa fil arz'i wa huwas samee-ul aleem."

(I take refuge in Allah, in whose trust ins that which is on the land and in the sea, in the heavens and the earth; He is the all-hearing, the all-knowing.)

It is written Tibb al-Aimmah that Imam Hasan bin Ali al Askari ('a) said:

"Take a cup of water and recite over it:"

"Awalam yaralladheena kafaroo annas samaawaati wal arza kaanata ratqan fafataqnaahumaa wa ja-alnaa minal maai kulla shay-in h'ayy afalaa yoominoon."

(Have not those who disbelieve seen that the heavens and the earths were closed up, 
and that we clove them asunder? 
Out of water We made all things alive. 
Will they not then believe?)

Then drink it, God willing, the pain in the head will subside.


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Imam Ali bin Musa al Riza ('a) advised his companions to recite verses 8 and 9 of Sura e Ali Imran to cure migraine.

"Rabbanaa laa tuzigh quloobanaa ba'da id'hadaytanaa wa hab lanaa mil ladunka rah'mah innaka antal wahhab."

(Our Lord, do not suffer our hearts to go astray after You have rightly guided us and grant us mercy from You, for verily You and You (alone) are the Bestower)

Inflammation of The Eyes

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The Holy Prophet ('s) told his companions to recite the following dua to cure inflammation of the eyes:

"Allahumma Matti-Nee bisam-e'e wa bas'aree waja'lhumal waarithayna minee wans'urnee a'laa man z'alamanee wa arinee feehi tharee"

(O my Allah, give me good hearing and sight, make them both last as long as I live, help me against the oppressor and let me see his downfall).

To cure aching eyes recite the following dua:

"Yaa qareebu yaa mujeebu yaa samee- a'du-a'a-i yaa lat'eefun limaa tashaa-u rudda a'layya bas'aree".

(O He who is near, gives answer; hears prayers, helps and protects who turn to Him, make my eyes free from defect)

Recite Verse 2 of Sura ad Dahr to improve eyesight.

"Faja-a'lnaahu samee-a'n bas'eera"

(So We gave him hearing and sight)

Cure For Aching Ear

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Keep the right hand on the aching ear and recite verses 21 to 24 of Sura Hashr to cure pain in the ear.

"Law anzalnaa haadh'al Qur-aana a'la jabalil lara-aytahoo khaashi-a'm mutas'addi-am min khashyatillahi wa tilkal amthaalu naz'ribuhaa linnaasi la-a'llahum yatafakkaroon."

(Had we sent down this Qur'an on a amountain, you would certainly have seen it humbled and rent asunder for fear of Allah. We propopound such similitudes unto mankind that they may reflect.)

Huwallaahul lad'ee laa ilaaha illaa huw a'alimul ghaybi wash shahaadah huwar Rah'maanur Rah'eem"

(He is Allah, there is no God save He, the knower of the unseen and the seen. He is Beneficent, the Merciful.)

"Huwallaahul lad'ee laa ilaaha illaa huw al malikul quddoosus salamul moominul muhayminul a'zeezul jabbarul mutakabbir subh'aanallaahi a'mmaa yushrikoon."

(He is Allah; there is no God save He, the King, the Holy, the Peace-Loving, the Bestower of conviction, the Guardian, the Eve-Prevalent, the Supreme, the Great Absolute. Far too exalted is Allah from what they associate with Him.)

"Huwallahul khaaliqul baari-ul mus'awwiru lahu asmaa-ul h'usnaa yusab- bih'u lahoo maa fis samaawaati wal arz" wa huwal a'zeezul h'akeem."

(He is Allah, the creator, the maker, the fashioner. His are all the names beautiful. Whatsoever is in the heavens and the earth glorifies Him. He is ever-prevalent, all wise.)

Bleeding Nose

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Write verse 44 of Sura Hud with saffron on the forehead of the person who has a bleeding nose.

"Wa queela yaaa arz' ub-la-e'e maaa-akiwa yaa samaaa-u aqli-e'e wa gheez'al maaa-u wa quzi' yal amru was- tawat a'lal jood-iyyi wa queela bu'-dal lilqawwiz' z'aalimeen."

(And it was said: " O earth, swallow your water; and O sky, cease (raining) 
And the water subsided and the decree was fulfilled. 
And it (the ark) came to rest upon (the mount) Al-Judi and it was said: "'Away with the unjust people'")


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To stop toothache Imam Muhammad al Baqir ('a) advised his companions to keep the right hand on the area where the tooth is aching and recite:

1) Al-Fatihah
2) Al Ikhlas
3) Al Qadr
4) And the following verse of An Naml.

" Wa taral jibaala tah'sabuhaa jaami-dataw wa hiya tamurru marrassah'aab s'un-a'llaahil lad 'eee atqaha kulla shay innahoo khabeerum bimaa taf'al'loon."

(You will see the mountains, you deem firmly planted, pass away as the clouds pass away: the work of Allah who has formed everything in perfect shape and order. Verily He is aware of what you do.)

Imam Ali bin Abi Talib ('a), in Sahifa Alawiyyah, recommends the following dua to stop toothache:

"Bismillaahish shaafiyillaahu wa laa hawla wa laa quwwata illa billaah"

(In the name of Allah, who relieves pain, and there is no Might nor Power with (any) save Allah.)

Glandular Swelling in the Neck

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Imam Ali bin Musa al Riza ('a) said:

To cure glandular swelling in the neck (scrofula), the afflicted person should recite the following dua a great deal.

"Yaa ra-oofu yaa Rah'eema ya Rabbi yaa Sayyidee"

(O Kind, O Merciful, O Lord, O my Master)

To cure glandular swelling in the neck, recite the following dua 3 times everyday.

Bismillaahi wa billaahi allaahu akbaru aalaahu akbaru wa huwa yaa muruka an takbura."

(In the name of Allah, Allah is great, Allah is great, He commands you to glorify His greatness)

Pain in the Shoulders

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To cure pain in the shoulders recite the following dua 3 times before going to sleep and once when awake:

"Alam ta'-lam annallaaha a'laa kulli shay-in qadeer."

(Do you not know that Allah has power over all things?)

Pain in the Chest #1

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Imam Muhammad al Baqir ('a) said:

To cure pain in the chest, put the right hand on the place of pain and recite (Sura Ali Imran 145)

"Wa maa kaana linafsin an tamoota illaa bi-id'nillaahi kitaabam mu-ajjalaa wa may yurid thawaabad dunyaa nu'-tihee minhaa wa may yurid thawaabal aakhirati nu'-tihee minhaa wa sanajzish shaakireen."

(And it is not possible for any soul to die except by Allah's permission at a time recorded in the book that fixes the term (of life). He who desires (his) reward in this world, we give his thereof; 
and he who desires (his) reward in the hereafter, 
We give him thereof. And anon we shall reward the grateful). 

Then recite al-Qadr 7 times

Pain in The Chest #2

Imam Jafar bin Muhammad al Sadiq ('a) said:

"To cure the pain in the chest recite the following portion of verse 57 of Sura  Yunus"

"Wa shifaa-ul limaa fis' s'udoori"

(And a cure for that which is in (your) breast).


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To get rid of anxieties, preserve instincts, satanic temptations, put the right hand on your heart and recite the following dua 3 times.

"Bismillaahi wa billaahi allaahumma man-anta a'layya bil emaani wa awda'-tanil Qur-aana wa razaqtanee s'iyaamaa shahri ramz"aana fa-amnun a'layya bir-rah'mati war riz" waani warraafati wal ghufraani wa tamaami maa awlaytanee minan ni-a'mi wal ih'saani yaa h'annaanu yaa mannaka yaa daa-imu yaa rah'maan subh'aanaka a-o'od'u bika ba'-da haad'i- hil karaamaati minal hawaani wa as-aluka an tujalliya a'n qalbil ah'zaana."

(In the name of Allah, by Allah, O my Allah, You have blessed me with faith, entrusted me with the Qur'an, bestowed on me fasting in the month of Ramadhan, so grant mercy and acceptance and compassion and forgiveness and all that You have conferred on me of blessings and beneficence, O compassionate, O beneficent, O everlasting, O merciful. Glory be to You. I have no one but  You. Glory be to You I take refuge in You, after the expressions of esteem, from abasement. I ask you to remove the sorrows from my heart.)

Heart Ailments

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To cure heart ailments write verse 37 of Sura Qaf, wash it with pure water and drink

"Inna fee d aalika lad ikraa liman kaana lahoo qalbun aw alqas sam-a wa huwa shaheed."

(Verily there is a reminder in this for whosoever has a heart or who gives ear with presence of mind.)

To cure heart ailments recite the following verses on pure water and drink it
(1) Yunus: 22
(2) Qamar: 45,46
(3) Fatir: 41

(1) La-in anjaytanaa min haad ihee lanakoonanna minash shakireen

(2) Sayuhzamul jam-u yuwalloonad dubur balis saa-a tu maw-i duhum was saa-a tu adhaa wa amarr

(3) Innallaaha yumsikus samaawaati wal arz a an tazoolaa wa la-in zaalataaa in amsakahumaa min ah adim mim ba-dih inna hoo kaana h aleeman ghafooraa.

Liver Ailments

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To cure liver ailments either:

(1) Write Sura al Qadr on an earthen vessel, wash it with rain water, add a little sugar and drink it.

(2) Write Sura al Adiyat on an earthen vessel, wash it with rain water, add a little sugar and drink it.


Recite the following dua to cure pneumonia.

"A-o'od 'u bi- izzatillaahi wa qudratihee a'laa maa yashaa-u min sharri maa ajidu"

(I take refuge in the power and might of Allah over whatever He wills, from the evil I find myself in).

Pain in the Ribs

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At the end of any obligatory salaat, rub your hand on the sajadah, then rub on ribs, and recite verses 115 to 118 of Momineen to cure pain in the ribs.

"Afah'asibtum annamaa khalaqnaakum a'bathaw wa annakum ilaynaa turja-o'on"

(What! Do you think We created you in vain and that you shall not return to us?)

"Fata- a'alallahul malikul h'aqq laaa ilaaha illaaha illaa huw rabbul a'rshil kareem"

(Therefore exalted be Allah, the true king. there is no god but He, the Lord of the glorious throne of grace)

"Wa may yad-u' ma-allaahi ilaahan aakhara laa burhaana lahoo bihee fa-innamaa h'isaabuhoo i'nda rabbih innahoo laa yuflih'ul kafiroon"

(Whoever invokes another god apart from Allah for which he has no proof, then his reckoning is only with his Lord. Verily, the disbeliever shall not be successful).

"Wa qur-Rabbighfir warhem wa anta khayrur Raah'imeen"

(Say' O Muhammad):  "O my Lord, forgive and have mercy, You are the best of the Merciful")


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For smooth digestion recite Sura al-Quraysh before eating every meal.

Imam Ali ibn Abu Talib ('a) said:

To cure an upset stomach recite the following dua and drink a cup of lukewarm water.

"Yaa Allahhu yaa Allaahu yaa Allaahu yaa Rahmaanu yaa Rabbal arbaabi yaa Sayyidas saadaati yaa Ilaahal aalihati yaa Maalikal mulki yaa Malikal mulookishfinee bishifaa-ika min haad ad daa-i was rifhu a nnee fa-innee abduka wa bnu abduka wa ataqallaba fee qabz atika wa naas iyatee biyadika"

(O Allah, O Allah, O Allah, O Beneficent, O Lord of the lords, O God of the gods, O King of the kings, O Master of the masters, heal me with Your cures from this disease and remove it from me, for I am Your servant son of Your servant. I turn about in Your grasp. My forelock is in Your hand.)


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To cure flatulency (digestion of stomach or bowels by gases formed during digestion) recite:

"Bismillaahillad it-takhad a Ibraaheema khaleelan wa kallama Moosaa takleeman wa ba-a tha Muhammadan bilh aqqi nabiyyan."

(In the name of Allah who took Ibrahim for a friend, spoke to Musa directly and sent Muhammad with truth as a prophet.)


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Imam Ali bin Musa al Riza (a) advised a person suffering from diarrhoea to recite the following dua:

"Al'hamdu lillaahillad ee a laa faqahara walha mdu lillaahillad ee batana fakhabara walh amduu lillaahillad ee malaka faqadara walh amdu lillaahillad ee yuh yil mawtaa wa yumeetul ahyaa-a wa huwa a laa kulli shay-in qadeer"

(Praise be to Allah who is at the highest submit of power therefore overpowers. Praise be to Allah who is hidden therefore is aware. Praise be to Allah who owns therefore exercises authority. Praise be to Allah who gives life to the dead and make dead the living. He has power over all things.)


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Recite the following dua as a safeguard against Cholera:

"Yaa man lat eefu lam yazal alt af binaa feema t araqa antal qawiyyu najjinaa a n qahrika yawmal khalali."

(O benign, O eternal, have mercy on us while (a disease cholera) has knocked us down. Verily You have power, (so) deliver us from Your wrath in the hour (when condition) is changing for the worse.)


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To cure colic, write on paper:

Allah the exalted willing, Sura al Fatihah, al Ikhlas, al Falaq, and an Nas, and then write under that:

"A-o'od'u biwajhillaahil a'z'eemil kareemi wa bi i'zzatillaahillatee laa turaamu wa biqudratihil latee laa yamtani-u' minhaa shay-un min sharri haad'al waj-a' wa min sharri maa feehi wa min sharri maa ajidu minhu"

(I take refuge in the disposition of Allah the great, in the might of Allah which is unceasing and in His power, which nothing can resist, from the evil of this pain, and the evil within it, and from the evil of what I fear from it.)

Then drink it with rainwater on an empty stomach.


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To cure pain in the bladder recite verses 106 & 107 of Sura al-Baqara 3 times before you sleep, and once when you awake.

"Alam ta'-lam annallaaha a'laa kulli shay-in qadeer alam ta'-lam annallaaha lahoo mulkus samaawaati wal arz" wa maa lakum min doonillaahi miw waliyyiw wa laa nas'eer."

(Do you not know that Allah has power over all the things? Do you not know that to Allah belongs the kingdom of the heavens and the earth; and there is not for you, besides Allah, any guardian or helper?)


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To cure gripes (severe spasmodic pain in the intestines), take pure water and read the following dua on it and drink it.

i) "Yureedullaahu bikumul yusraa wa laa yureedu bikumul u'sr."
(Allah desires ease for you, He does not desire hardship for you)
ii) "Awalam yarallad'eena kafarooo annas samaawaati wal arz"a kaanataa ratqan fafa-taqnaahumaa wa ja-a'lnaa minal maaa-i kulla shay-in h'ayy afalaa yoominoon"
(Have not those who disbelieve seen that the heavens and the earth were closed up, and that We clove them asunder? Out of water We made all things alive. Will they not then believe?)


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To cure piles, Imam Ali ibn Abu Talib ('a) says in Sahifa Alawiyyah, to recite:

"Yaa Jawaadu yaa Maajidu yaa Raheemu yaa Qareebu yaa Mujeebu yaa Baari-u yaa Raahimu salli a laa Muhammadin wa aali Muhammadin war-doo a layya ni-matika wak-finee amra waj-e e"

(O Magnanimous, O exalted, O compassionate, O near, O responder, O creator, O merciful, bless Muhammad and his children, and bestow on me Your blessings, and protect me from my pain.)

Sciatica (Backache)

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To cure Sciatica, place your right hand on it and recite:

"Bismillaahi wa billaahi a-o od u bi-smillaahil kabeeri wa a-o od u bi-smillaahil azeemi min sharri kulli i rqin na-a arin wa min sharri h arrin naar"

(In the name of Allah, by Allah, I take refuge in the name of Allah, the Great, and I take refuge in the name of Allah, the Mighty, from the evil of every throbbing blood vessel, and from the evil of the heat of the fire.)

Pain in the Legs

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Imam Jafar bin Muhammad al Sadiq ('a) said:

Recite verse 27 of Sura al-Kahf over the pain in the legs to seek protection and cure

"Watlu maaa ooh'iya ilayka min kitaabi rabbik laa mubaddila likalimaatih wa lan tajida min doonihee multah'daa."

(Recite what has been revealed to you of the book of your Lord; none shall change His word, and none shall you find as a refuge other than Him)

Imam Jafar bin Muhammad al Sadiq ('a) said:

To cure severe throbbing in the joints say

"Allaahumma innee as-asluka bi asmaa-ika wa barakaatika wa da'-wati Nabiyyikat tayyibil mubaarakil makeeni i'ndaka sallallaahu a'layhi wa bih'aqqi-hee wa bih-aqqi ibnatihee Faat'imatal mubaarakati wa bih'aqi was'iyyihee Ameeril Moomineena wa bih-aqqi Sayyiday Shabaabi ahlil Jannati an ad'habta a'nnee sharra maa ajidu bih'aqqihim bih'aqqihim bih'aqqihim bihaqqibka yaa ilaahal a'alameen."

Pain in the Feet

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To cure pain in the feet, recite verses 1 to 7 of Sura al Fat-ha

"Inna fatah'naa laka fath'am mubeenaa."
"Liyaghfira lakallaahu maa taqaddama min d'ambika wa maa ta'akhkhara wa yutimma ni'-matahoo a'layka wa wahdiyaka s'iraat'am mustaqeemaa."
"Wa yans'urakallaahu nas'ran a'zeezaa."
"Huwallad'eee anzalas sakeenata fee quloobil mmomineena liyazdaadooo eemaanam ma-a' eemaanihim wa lillaahi junoodus samaawaati wal arz' wa kaanallaahu a'leeman h'akeemaa."
"Liyudkhilalmoomineena wal moominaati jannaatin tajree min tah'tihal anhaaru khaalideena feeha wa yukaffira a'nhum sayyi'aatihim wa kaana d'aalika i'ndal-sayyi-aatihim wa kaana d'aalika i'ndal-sayyi-aatihim wa kaana d'aalika i'ndallaahi fawzan a'z'eemaa."
"Wa yu-a'd'd'ibal munaafiqeena wal munaafiqaati wal mushrikeena wal mushrikaatiz' z'aaanneena billaahi z'annas saq a'layhim daaa-iratus saw wa ghaz'iballaahu a'layhim wa la'a'nahum wa a-a'dda lahum jahannam wa saaa-at mas'eeraa."
"Wa illaahi junoodus samaawaati wal arz wa kaanallaahu a'zeezan h'akeemaa."


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Imam Muhammad bin Ali al Baqir ('a) said:

To cure leprosy (white species) pray 2 rakaat salat and recite the following dua:

"Yaa Allaahu yaa Rahmaanu yaa Raheemu yaa Sami-ul as waati yaa mu-t iyal khayraati a-t inee khayrad dunyaa wal aakhirati wa qinee sharrad dunyaa wal aakhirati wa adh hib a nnee maa ujidu faqad ghaat inee wa ahrasanee"

(O Allah, O beneficent, O merciful, O hearer of sounds, O bestower of good things, give me as a free gift the good of the world and the good of the hereafter, free me from the evil of the world and the evil of the hereafter, let that which frightens me go away from me, so just now protect me, preserve me.)

To Recover a Misplaced Item

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To recover a missing or misplaced thing recite 114 times al Jaami-u (the Gatherer) 

Al Mu-izzu (The Bestower of Honour) if recited a great deal, it brings honour, fame and recognition. 


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To cure a tumor or scrofulous swelling on the body, Imam Jafar bin Muhammad al Sadiq ('a) said:

Fast for 3 consecutive days, on the fourth day at Zuhr have a bath, pray 4 rakat salat, remove all clothes and wrap yourself in a chaddar (piece of cloth), and pray in sajud.

"Yaa waah idu yaa samadu yaa kareemu yaa jabbaru yaa qareebu yaa mujeebu yaa arh amar raahimee salli alaa Muhammadin wa aali Muhammad wak-shif maa bee min zurrin wa albisnil aafiyatash shaafiyatal kaafiyata fid dunyaa wal aakhirati wamun alayya bitamaamin nimati wad-hib maa bee faqad aad aanee wa ghammanee."

(O Single, O Eternally Besought, O Generous, O Almighty, O Near, O Responder, O the most Merciful of the merciful, send blessings on Muhammad and on the children of Muhammad and remove from me that which hurts me, cover me with good health, recovery, sufficient in this world and in the hereafter, bestow2 on me perfect bounty and let go from me that which is harming me and depressing me.)


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To cure syphilis, sores, eczema recite the following dua:

"Wa mathali kalimatin khabeethatin kashajaratin khabeethatinij-tuththat min fawqil arz"i maa lahaa min qaraar minhaa khalaqnaakum wa feehaa nu-e'e-dukum wa minhaa nukhrijukum taaratan ukhraa. Allaahu akbaru wa anta laa takburu Allaahu yaqbee wa anta laa taqbee wallaahu A'laa kulli shay-in qadeer."

(The likeness of an evil word is like an evil tree- it is uprooted from the earth's surface, it has no stability. We created you (from the earth) and into it We will return you, and We will bring you forth from it a second time. Allah is great, you are not. Allah lasts for ever, you will not. Verily Allah ha s power over all things.)

Scorpion Bites

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If a scorpion bites, sprinkle salt over the place where it has bit, and recite al Kafirun, al Falaq and an Nas.


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If one fails to remember an event or written text or spoken words, should put the right hand on the forehead and recite:

"Innee as'aluka yaa mud'akkiral khayri wa faa-i'lahoo wal aamira bihee an tusalliya alaa Muh'ammadin wa aali Muh'ammadin wa tud'akkiranee maa ansaaneehish shayt'aan."

(I beseech You, O He who remolds about doing good, does good and commands to do good, send blessings on Muhammad and on the children of Muhammad, and let me remember what Shaytan has wiped out from my memory.)

To retain in memory whatever one listens or reads, recite the following dua after every wajib salaat

"Subh'aana man laa ya'tadee a'laa ahli mamlakatihee subh'aana man laa yaakhud'u ahlal arz'i bialwaanil adhaabi subhaanar ra-oofir Rah'eemi Allahummaj a'llee fee qalbee nooran wa bas'aran wa fahman wa i'lman innaka a'laa kulli shay-in qadeer"

(Glory be to He who does not treat unjustly those who are his subjects; Glory be to He who does not chastise the people of the earth with punishment; Glory be to He who is kind and compassionate. O Allah let there be light, insight, wisdom and knowledge in my mind, Verily You are powerful over all things.)

For Sufficient Sustenance

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Whoever recites Surah al Falaq time and again receives sustenance regularly.

Whoever recites Ar Razzaaq 308 times in the morning receives more sustenance than he expects.

For increase in sustenance recite Yaa Ghaniyya 1060 times between Maghrib and Ishaa prayers.

To have enough sustenance, recite as many times as possible, Al Muqeetu.

For the increase in your daily bread, recite this dua everyday after morning prayers 10 times:

"Bismillahir Rahmaanir Rahim Subhanalahi azimi wabi hamdehi astaghferullah waasaluhu minfazlehi."


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The recitation of Sura Tahreem, Sura Waqiah and Sura Kaafiroon also is a means to have our sins pardoned.

Dua-e-Mashlool  or Dua-e-Mujeer washes away our sins immediately

Reciting Sura ad-Dukhan in wajib or sunnat salat is a way to clear our account of sins.

To get more knowledge and wisdom, recite 20 times daily "Al Haadee"

To have freedom from wants so as not to be forced to go to others for help, recite 90 times daily, "Al Mulk" (The Sovereign).

For Children

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To have a pious and God-fearing child, recite this dua as many times. Also, the recitation of this dua 3 times after every wajib salat will make your children pious and obedient.

"Rabbi hab lee mil ladun'ka d'urriyatan' t'ayyibah; innaka samee-u'd du-a'aaa" (Ale Imran:38)

Recite this verse if you want to have a son, because this dua was recited by Prophet Zakariyaa to beseech Allah to give him a son:

"Fahab lee mil ladun'ka waliyyaa" (Maryam:5)

If the parent recites "Ar-Rabbo" many times the children will remain safe from calamities.

If one recited 202 times "Al-Barro" his/her children will be successful and lucky in their lawful dealings.

When a child shows signs of disobedience one should recite "Sura al Ahzab" and pray for the cure of it.


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