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Referencing Guidelines


What is Referencing?

Why do I Need to Reference?

What do I Need to Reference?

Order of References in the in The Reference List

Book Reference

a) Sample One

b) Sample Two


a)     Book with Single Author

b)    Book With Multiple Authors

c)     Book With Editors

d)    Book Author Unknown

e)     Book with Author and Editor

f)     Book Other Than first Edition

g)     Book with more than one volume

h)    Book with corporate author

i)      Chapter or Article in a Book

Bibliographic details are given

a)      Example

Journal Article

Bibliographic details are given

b)     Example

Newspaper article


Government Publication

Further Examples

a)     Two entries by same author, same date

b)    Work with multiple authors

c)     Abstract

d)    Personal communication

e)     Electronic References

f)     Journal article retrieved from an aggregated database

g)     Internet article based on a print source

h)    Article in an internet-only journal

i)      Abstract

j)      Web page

k)    Information from a website

l)      Audiovisual References

m)   Citing in the Text

n)    Quoting directly from someone else

o)    Using a very long quote

p)    Source not quoted exactly as it was written

q)    Quoting something that someone else has quoted

r)     One Work by Multiple Authors

s)     Citing Electronic References


Referencing Al Quoran

Referencing Ahadith


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