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  • 1.      Introduction

  • 4      Headers And Footers

  • 2.      Text Alignment

  • 4.1   Heading

  • 2.1    Paragraphs

  • 4.2   Footer

  • 2.2    Text spacing

  • 5.     Word Document

  • 2.3    New line spacing

  • 6.    Photos

  • 3      New Sentences & Fonts

  • 7.    External Editing

1.      Introduction

This document will explain some of the publishing techniques for Victory News Magazine and its basic requirements.

Victory News Magazine operates according to GMT as for its location, and we also use British  (Australian) English for spelling and grammar.

When typing up your articles, it is recommended that you should switch on your word-processor’s British dictionary and carry out the spell check, before you send in your article.

2.     Text Alignment

This chapter will explain how to type in the article text with its required specifications.

2.1    Paragraphs

Every paragraph should start on a new line, “without” having a 5 spaces tag in the beginning of the paragraph's first line. eg. The below way of starting the paragraph will be wrong:

"     This is the text used for taking up the space for demonstrating some visual rules used here at Victory News Magazine for publishing."

Note above, the first line starts with 5 empty spaces. This way is no longer used as a standard English format. The below example is the correct way of starting a paragraph.

"This is the text used for taking up the space for demonstrating some visual rules used at Victory News Magazine for publishing."

2.2   Text spacing

Every word should have a single character space in between them. 

eg. Incorrect format:

"    This   is   the   text   used   for   taking   up   the   space   for   demonstrating   some visual   rules   used   here   at  Victory  News  Magazine  for  publishing."

Using more than single spaces takes more room and it is hard to read as well. Therefore only single spacing is used.

 eg. Correct format:

"This is the text used for taking up less space in demonstrating some visual rules used here at Victory News Magazine."

The ‘full stop’ and ‘comma’ should come immediately after the word and then the new word and the character should have a single space in between. 

eg. "Here comes the full stop. Now is the text after the full stop. Here comes the comma, and now is the text after the comma."

2.3   New line spacing

Every new line should have one enter character in between them. For new paragraphs use two enter character in between them. 

eg "This is first line.
This is second line.

This is new paragraph."

The headings in the articles should have two enter characters above them and two below them as well. Just like typing a new paragraph.

"This is the last line of the previous paragraph.

This is the Heading

This is the new paragraph after heading."

Above just behaves like having three paragraphs. But the heading is in the middle to distinguish that below text is related to the heading.

3.   New Sentences & Fonts

Each new sentence commences with a capital letter. Please take off "caps lock" while you type, so that only the first letter of the sentence is a capital letter and not the whole article. 

At Victory News Magazine, we use "Times New Roman" font 12pt for all of the articles. Your article must be in the one font from the beginning to the end.

Please do not split words.

4.   Headers & Footers (Titles)

Make it clear what the article is about in the header. (Title). 

4.1 Headers

Avoid any misleading header. The header (title) should also be in font size12pt, black colour.

4.2 Footer

Include all references for your sources if it is not an original story.

5.   Word Document

Send in the article on a word document

6.   Photos

Send in photos as separate attachments. Credit the photographer at all times ensuring the photo has necessary permission for publication. 

Photos of children require written permission from a parent or legal Guardian. 

Ensure the dignity of Muslim women is retained in all photographic material. 

Original photos only are accepted by Victory News Magazine and once submitted to us become copyrighted to Victory News Magazine.

7.   External Editing

Victory News Magazine is not a free service for external editing.

8.   Translations into English

Victory New Magazine does not translate your article from other languages into the English language. Ensure this has already been completed before the submission of your work, including poetry, with sentences commencing from the left to the right.

Adapted from ShiaNews Publishing document by Faisal Bodi


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