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Fattened dog in Banda Aceh stalking for human remains after the incident of the 26th December 2004. By Herizon, Jan 2005

Old building that survived the earthquake and tsunami opposite Masjid Baiturrahman, Banda Aceh. By Herizon, Jan 2005

"Journey of Mercy - Medan to Banda Aceh" .Film by Herizon
Produced by Victory News Magazine

Journey of Mercy - Medan to Banda Aceh, film by Herizon, is our first DVD production, made also in CD Rom format.

The movie takes the viewer from Medan in North Sumatra, on the largest island of Indonesia, to the devastated capital city of its neighbouring province, Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam. 

Complete with English subtitles, the viewer sees the assistance activated from North Sumatra, by both local Muslims and international teams. Herizon captures an accident of one of the aid vehicles also in Aceh in one of the early weeks following the Tsunami that occurred on the 26th of December 2004, killing hundreds of thousands of people and leaving hundreds of thousands more homeless and some with horrific injuries, without livelihoods, water or food. 

Journey of Mercy - Medan to Banda Aceh, by Herizon, Copyright Victory News Magazine Herizon's journey to take assistance to the survivors in his convoy from the Masjid Raya community of Medan in North Sumatra, is carefully filmed and with commentary in Bahasa Indonesia as to his location each step of the way and explaining the devastation of the areas of Sigli and Banda Aceh. 

This very sad film captures the way Muslims viewed the tragedy and the loss of life in Indonesia.

What the Viewers have said:

Bismillar ir Rahman ir Raheem

Assalamaun’alaikum Waramatullahi Wabarkatu

I had the privilege to be invited to the first screening of the new Victory News Magazine’s film, “Journey of Mercy”. It is a very high quality film for its unique footage, production and audio and I recommend it to viewers both young and mature.

Herizon speaking to a group of refugees in Banda Aceh where he handed out monetary donationsI would like to congratulate Victory News Magazine and Herizon for the high quality film bringing awareness to the situation and the condition of the people in Aceh. May Allah (swt) bless you all for your endless hours of work, thought, heart and service to the great religion of Islam and the Muslims, insh’Allah.

I view the film as educational and as a true record of history. Bapak Herizon’s journey to Aceh for the purpose of aiding the survivors of this terrible calamity represents what being a true Muslim is really about. He is proactive in his assistance, thorough, kind and humble. He has done a professional job at shooting the footage and in narrating commentary so the viewers know in which location they are in at all times and what it is they are looking at. He proves that one person can make a difference and is a wonderful role model.

The damaged minarette of Masjid Baiturrahman in Banda Aceh, NAD, Indonesia. By Herizon, Jan 2005The audio is very appropriate, and calls on Allah (swt) as armour for the believers. The timing and sequence of the audio is superb, in particular the impression of the adhan being called from Bait ul Rahman Mesjid and concluding on Doa Faraj. This is quite sad and evokes emotion.

I have to recommend this film to the members. Insh’Allah it will bring continued assistance to the people of Aceh in the tiring, long process of cleaning up and rebuilding lives, homes and businesses.

May Allah (swt) bring ease after hardship for these people and those who have assisted, insh’Allah.


© All rights reserved 2009

Tawalla and Tabarra, Wafat Rasulullah and Syahadah Imam Hassan, Majalis by Maulana Reza Pasha, provided by Muslim Youth Assembly (HBI), Singapore.

Bismillar ir Rahman ir Raheem


Recently I have viewed the DVD provided by the Muslim Youth Assembly (HBI) in Singapore, containing two majalis titled, Tawalla and Tabarra (1), Wafat Rasulullah and Syahadah Imam Hassan (2) delivered by Maulana Reza Pasha at the Imam Bargah Singapore.


The DVD begins with a recitation from the Maulana, then the subsequent discussion of the Ibada of Allah (swt), the pillars of Islam, enjoining the good and forbidding the evil, then the discussion of the concept that there is no neutrality in Islam. He furthermore discusses the love of the Ahlul Bayt (‘a) and those people who had wronged them.


The Maulana concludes this majalis with a sensitive story of one of the companions of Imam Husayn (‘a), Sayyed, who was martyred protecting the Imam (‘a), while he was performing his prayers at Karbala.


The second majalis, titled Wafat Rasulullah & Syahadah Imam Hassan, is an account of history from the life and death of the Holy Prophet (‘s), through to the birth and subsequent martyrdom of Imam Hassan (‘a).


Both Peace Treaties, that of the Holy Prophet (‘s) and that of Imam Hassan (‘a), are discussed. Imam Hassan’s (‘a) Peace Treaty is discussed in detail where Maulana Reza stresses the importance of this treaty as being the springboard for what happened at Karbala. Maulana Reza concludes this majalis with a sad recount of the martyrdom of Qasim bin Hassan (‘a) on the battlefield of Karbala.


In conclusion, the DVD is very sincere, informative and educational and the only recommendation I can suggest is that the next DVD could be made into several smaller chapters where the viewer can repeat and skip to areas of particular interest.


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