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Award Winner 2003 for On the Spot Journalism Award

Syed Atiq Ul Hassan 

Syed Atiq Ul HassanP.O. Box: A1113,  Sydney South NSW 1235, Australia
Phone:  (612) 9764 1060 & 9707 1535


  • An Australian Citizen, Age 44.

  • Highly multi-skilled media Professional.

  • Distinctive Academic qualification with Degrees in Computer Technology, Economics, Law and Journalism.

  • 25 years of vast experience with international exposure serving international media

  • Excellent skills in Project Management and Business & Interpersonal Communication

  • Well experienced journalist having worked as reporter, writer, political analyst and an editor for various international print and electronic media.  

  • Regular column/feature writer on variety of on going issues which are published in international print and e-media regularly.

  • Long career experience in IT & conducting professional trainings

  • Possess strong leadership qualities – awarded dignitary positions by social and welfare organisations in Sydney Australia.  

Academic Qualifications

  • Bachelor of Science (Hons) Physics and Mathematics  

  • Master in Computer Technology  

  • Master in Economics  

  • L.L.B  

  • Graduate Diploma in Journalism  

Additional Proficiencies

  • Professional Member of Media, Entertainment & Art Alliance Australia

  • Professional Member of Australian Computer Society, Australia.  

  • Professional Member Ethnic Media Council of NSW

  • Member International Federation of Journalists.  

Academic, Social and Community Awards
  • Gold Medallist (First Position) in B.Sc (Hons) Physics

  • Second Position in M.Sc Computer Technology

  • Justice of Peace (JP) awarded by the Government of Australia


  25 years of experience in the following areas of media and publication:

  •  Publication

  •  Column writing

  •  Feature documenting

  •  Story writing  

  •  News Analysis and Editorial Write-up

  •   Report Collection

  •  Art-work Designing

  •  Formatting and layouts designing

  •  Marketing and Circulation

  •  Radio Programme Production

  •  Radio Broadcaster and Announcer  

Achievements in brief in the last five years:

  • In 1999, conducted forum on Kashmir titled “Kashmir a Global Flashpoint” as a moderator where the national (Australian) politician, members parliament, representative from South Asian communities and human rights activists participated.

  • In 2000, conducted a forum on child labour in South Asia where many renowned scholars and intellectuals participated.

  • In 2001, travelled to India (from Sydney) among other Australian journalists and covered the visit of General Pervez Musharraf to India for Tribune International and Voice of Tribune, conducted interviews and documented the entire event

  • In 2001, conducted forum on on-going international issue about terrorism as a moderator where the national (Australian) politician, parliamentarians, representative from South Asian communities and human rights activists participated.

  • In 2002, conducted many forums on international political situation as moderator in Sydney

  • In January, 2003, Invited by Thailand Tourism Government as special guest to witness the First Golden Kinnaree Award and to attend the Bangkok International Film Festival

  • In my last ten years career in the media especially as Editor, Tribune International, I have conducted many interviews of very high profile personalities including political leaders, national players, film personalities etc which was largely appreciated by the readers of Tribune International

  • My regular write-ups on various ongoing international issues can be seen in international print and e-media

Professional History

  Opinion writer/Political Analyst as freelancer for:

  • The News (Jung Group of Companies), Pakistan

  • The Dawn, Pakistan

  • The Arab News, Saudi Arabia

  • The Frontier Post, Pakistan

  • The Pakistan Observer, Pakistan

  • The Statesman, Pakistan

  • The Independent, Bangladesh

  • Duccan Herald, India

  • The Victory News Network, Indonesia/Australia

  •   Media Monitor Network, LA, USA

  • The Scoop Media Network New Zealand

  • The Pakistan Link, USA

  • The Pakistan Weekly, USA

  • The Canberra Times, Canberra

  • The Age, Melbourne


Editor, Tribune International

Tribune International is a First English multicultural newspaper introduced in August 1997. Today, Tribune International is the most popular newspaper in New South Wales. Tribune International has been running under my management for the five years successfully. 

Producer, Voice of Tribune

Voice of Tribune is a FM weekly Radio service of Tribune International for Sydney metropolitan and suburban listeners. The programme contains latest news, current affairs and musical segments. I have been running this programme for the last 5 years as a producer.

From          :     1975 – To-date
Title            :      Journalist/Analyst
Worked for  :     Many International Print Media
Role           :     I have been writing columns, articles and opinions for the last 25 years on various international political issues especially on South Asian issues. My articles are published in many international print media including Australia.


 From :           June 95 – Feb. 1997
Title            :    Bureau Chief for Washington and Chicago USA.
Worked for :    Pakistan Today (Weekly English Newspaper)

Role: Manage Reporting, News article collection and selection and marketing of Pakistan Today in Washington and Chicago Metropolitan areas.


From          :     Aug 1997 – To date
Title            :     Editor
Worked for :     Tribune International Australia
Role           :      Managing the publication editorial team.

From          :     April 1998 – To date
Title            :     Producer, Voice of Tribune
Worked for  :    Voice of Tribune (FM Radio Service of Tribune International)
Role           :     Producing weekly programme for Sydney listeners broadcasted from FM100.9 from Sydney.

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