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Award Winner 2003 for VNM Islamic Arts

Siddiqua Shahnawaz

There was a child once, that passionately sought to discover nature, a child that wandered in the garden collecting flowers, leaves and stones of different hues and textures... a child that was always fascinated by animals, a child immensely awed by stars... a child that loved to smell the damp earth after a fresh monsoon shower, a child that inquisitively followed a row of ants beyond boundary walls, a child that thought she understood what the birds used to chirp, a child that could at length observe fish in the pond... a child whose friends were animals of all sorts, a child who loved the rustling sound of palm leaves in the wind, a child who always was in love with creation.

Today, as I continue to sketch and paint in my studio, and as I sit down to write some lines now and then, I wonder if that child still lives somewhere in me... there is no more I can say about myself, other than the fact that I wish that child lives on to pursue what she always sought to do.

"Art for me, is a dedication towards a search
for the ever eluding depths of Reality,
the silent observation of a subtle momentary Expression,
a sense of oneness with the Elements
and a Homage to the weathered face of Age;
being slowly chiselled...with the Hand of Time"
"The earthenware in my work symbolize a person, a thought,
or at times even a certain feeling one has when one observes
a certain calm stillness in a person's eyes or even feels it deep within, as one watches patiently while life takes shape"

Thank you,
Siddiqua Shahnawaz

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