VNM Science in al-Qur'an

Dark Matter

Allah The Designer

  The Design in Oxygen

Birds: Structure and Flight

The Honey Bee

Celestial Alignments and al-Quoran

The Information Theory and the End of Materialism

Environment- Islamic Perspective on its Management and Preservation

The Jinn and the Dark Shadow Matter Universe Theory

Geology - The Earth

The People of Saba and the Arim Flood


The Physics of the Day of Judgement

Human Embryonic Development

The Protected Roof

Less Cancer for Muslim Mothers

The Qur'an - The Two Seas and New Zealand's Giant Squid

One of the Most Evident Proofs of Creation: The Ear

The Quran on Clouds

Saffron - The Costliest Condiment

The Volcano That May Destroy Mankind

Science and After Life


Science and After Life- Part Two

What is Hell?- The Gates of Hell

The Arabian Oryx

Why Believe in the Unseen?
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