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Published on 2nd Jumaada ul Thaany, 1423.

The Wild Eyed Ustaad

By Zaynab el-Fatah 

The wild eyed Ustaad came up to me one hot August Aceh night,
A cat, he was carrying, sat calmly in his arms,

"...Did you not know about the fighting?" 
the Wild Eyed Ustaad said,
.......his voice I'd heard earlier teaching at the mosque in brusque tones,

"I did not see anything," I replied

"Muslim? Are you Muslim?" 
the Wild Eyed Ustaad said,

"did you not know there was fighting all the way to Meulaboh?"

"I heard, but I did not see it," I replied 

and the Wild Eyed Ustaad disappeared again with his cat hot August Aceh night...

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