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 Published on 19th Rabi Ul Thaany, 1424.

 The Silent Cry 

By Serena Kashkol

Curled up as close as she could get
And eyes shut tight that no tear could swell
She lay in her bed underneath the blanket's hug
And clung to her furry brown teddy bear
Maybe if she could hold on to her friend a little longer
And shut out the world in the darkness of her sight
Maybe she thought, she could wake up once more
To find that the world was happy again
Or maybe, she thought, what if she woke up
And found herself  somewhere else ?

The sounds grew louder with shouts of disgust
Which made her tears drown further in despair
Her eyes still shut in the depth of solitude
She had found comfort in darkness, a friend
Enveloping her within its comforting folds

The shouts grew louder, and did something break?
She opened her eyes, ever so cautiously 
To see the soft glow of a distant street light
Streaming from the window through the broken glass
Walking up to the window, looking out at the dark
She quietly gazed at the sleepy street below
It seemed so exhausted from being used all day
And then turning around, trying to make no sound
She tiptoed to the door as the sounds grew louder
The light from the hallway streamed from beneath

Another night of fights, arguments and tears
Another night of hatred showered upon her innocent years
How could the very people who taught her love and care
Be bitter against each other and let hatred amongst them flare?
Abuses that she could barely understand

As she opened the door for a tiny glance
Her big beautiful eyes peeked at the glowing light
A light that shone with hatred and contempt
It glowed and looked down in delight at her state
In that very hallway was a picture of them
Smiling as they held her in a protective embrace
Maybe things were better then when she was just born
Could I have caused this? Was I at fault?
Not knowing what to look for in the merciless glow
She quietly closed the bedroom door

Feeling safe once again in the silence of gloom
With silent indignation as she threw her friend away
And with tears rolling down from her deep dark eyes
With heaviness within her she crawled into bed
And closed her eyes shut that no tear could swell
She hoped to wake up somewhere else

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