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Published on 8th Zhul Hijr, 1423.

The Almighty's Creations

By Sayyeda Dewji

As the sun bows down at 6:00,
You can tell it's the beginning of another part of the day,
The flame like dust of the sun, settles in all our hearts,
The non-stop flowing rivers show us the aspect of time,
The glowing night time moon represents care,
How does this all happen?
Who controls it?
It's all under the Almighty's hands,
He gives permission to the sun for bowing down,
He lets the moon step down,
What does this show us?
It shows us that the time of prayers ends when the sun steps down,
And begins when the moon begins to shine,
He gives and provides us with so much,
Wanting absolutely nothing in return,
But just a five or ten minute prayer,
Only prayed time to time-

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