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Published on 6th Jumaada Ul Awal, 1424.

Set Out To Sail Once More

By Khamosh Khayaal

Boats in the Makassar Straits. File photo. Unknown photographer.

Each day we hear of a new disaster
More grief, panic, loss and fear seem the way
While the grand Ark - the nation called Islam
Gets beaten against the rocks each day

Some have abandoned the ship
The very ship they sailed on summer days
With rafts full of stolen treasure
In search of a haven elsewhere
Seeming content to keep a distance
Selling their souls for mere pleasure
They watch gladly from a distance
Suffering is not their share

Meanwhile at the ship certain people stare
Expecting others to do the work
Which they never could dare to share
Assigning themselves as commentators
To pounce on others' every err
Talking like they know what's best
Full of a self-righteous air
They've made it their duty to criticize
Strictly adhering to make people know
What should be done, when and where
But when the time comes
An opportunity for work to be done
They retreat to their comfort zones
And as distant spectators off the field
They sit back and silently stare

Nay, there are more that reside in this Ark
A certain kind who think they care
Professing their faith with chants galore
They are seen with a raging air
Lacking in knowledge, their tiny minds
Churning out from the kingdom of Saud
Assuming themselves as true 'flag-bearers'
All bloodshed to them seems fair
Entering mosques to kill unguarded worshippers
The rats flee to their camps elsewhere
With their 'copyrights' on true faith
Spewing venom against one another
Contradicting themselves in earnest zeal
Steering the ark in a thousand directions
In their madness to control the Holy Ark
They have caused harm to it threefold.

While each day more travellers of the Ark
Get killed by pirates galore
Worse yet - many are being captured
Subdued to lives of bile and gore
Their cries have been shut off
Barely reaching the Ark anymore
While the pirates lust at the treasures
That the grand Ark of Islam holds
Using every possible means of justification
They steal some, yet crave for more

With all these confusions and delusions
What has kept the Ark still afloat?
Which strength revives its lustre
And securely knots all its ropes?
The strength comes from its faith
That the One who inspired it into existence
Will always keep it afloat
For there are some who truly believe
That no matter how bad the storms
With the right tools and right knowledge
And a power that is called 'Iman'
With the blessings of our living Imam
We will sail proudly once more

We stand up to salute today
The sincere leaders and their tireless crew
You are the few that have kept us going
Braving currents and enduring wounds
Your struggles of tears and blood
Enliven our consciences once more

Join hands, O fellows of the ship
Let ignorance not divide you no more
Realise your worth and potential
Stand up for Truth once more
Knowing well that we will survive
We will soon regain our stride
Restoring the shine of our grand Ark
Set out to sail once more

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