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Published on 14th Rajab, 1423.

I'm Son of Pure Ali of Hashemite

by Imam Hussayn ibn Ali ('a)

I'm son of pure Ali of Hashemite

I'm proud enough of that pride

My grandfather, the Apostle, best man on earth among beings 

we're divine luminous touch guide

My mother, Fatima, is of Ahmad Family

My uncle, Jafar, with two wings glides among us, 

Book of God is truly descended

We're cited good revelation and guidance glorified

Allah trusted us for all people

that is expressed in public and in hide

We have a pond quenching thirst with Prophet's bowl

This can not be forgotten and denied

Among people our followers are the honoured ones in the Resurrection Day 

Our enemies are the losers justified

Imam Husayn ('a) recited this poem as he stood before the enemy troops at Karbala

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