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Published on 14th Rabi ul Thaany, 1424.

Do You See?

By Charmel Kava

Aaah sis - it all gets turned around - black is white and white is black - the guilty are saintly innocent and the innocents evil..... truly it has come to this - but will it be able to develop even deeper? 

How far will the mirror images of reality be allowed to be miraged as the truth?

How long before the hadith of the dajjal offering the people heaven, which is in reality hell - and " protecting" people from hell which is really heaven.... how long to go before this is fulfilled

 .... isn't it nearly there?

- there are no mind-readers but at the moment there is no need for them as people are busily pouring out their minds everywhere sometimes people think .. 'is it a good thing to talk ? won't they know what I think and come after me?'

 Thus you get fear and confusion entering the scenario and more fitnah 

- but we have to remember Allah, s.w.t. and know that there is Everlasting Justice as Allah is the Just and may He have Mercy on all the Muslims and the more, 

So for those who have suffered, 

Are suffering and are yet to suffer 

... and may He guide whom He wishes to the forgiveness, purity and mercy of Islam


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