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Published on 20th Ramadhan, 1423.

Al-Kumayt's Longing for Seeing Imam Baqir ('a)

By Al-Kumayt al-Asadi

Longing for you has affected me.

So, I covered many places to see you.

O you who are the best one,

to you is my obedience and humbleness.

You are my hope.

Thus, the person strives to come to his hope.

You are the follower of Allah.

You have pictures in my eyes and in my ears.

You order (people to do good deeds) and forbid

(them from doing evil deeds).

You are not tired of asking Allah for good.

You respond to the one who asks you.

* Tasis al-Shiali Ulum al-Islam, 189

Al-Kumayt al-Asadi lived in Kufa. He longed very much for seeing Imam Baqir (as). So, he travelled to Medina (Yathrib). When he stood before Imam Baqir (as), he recited to him his poem. In his poem, al-Kumayt described his longing for him.

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