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Bismillah ir Rahman ir Raheem
Published on 26th August, 2008

Ziarat of the Holy Imams ('a) in Jannat al Baqi


ºId'n Dukhool 

ºZiarat Mutlaqah 

Jannat ul Baqi. Photography by Hj S.Abidin ©

ºMap of Jannat ul Baqi

ºCorresponding Numbers to the Map 

Ziarats of Imam Hasan bin Ali al Mujtaba
Imam Ali bin Husayn Zayn al-Abidin
Imam Muhammad bin al Baqir &
Imam Ja'far bin Muhammad al Sadiq ('alayhi mus salam)

The Holy graves of the Holy Imams (ع)are in Jannat ul Baqee, Madinah.

 TopRecite the following "Id'n Dukhool"

O my masters!
O the sons (descendants) of the Messenger of Allah!
I am your servant, the son of your bondwoman,
I yield to you in submission,
I stand in awe of the sublimity of your authority,
I am aware if your rights,
I have come to you, seeking refuge with you, moving towards your holy resting place;
I apply to your consideration, and through you seek the divine notice and favour.

May I enter O my masters?
May I entre O the dearest friends of Allah?
May I enter O the attentive Angels of Allah, quartered in this place of pilgrimage?

While entering [put the right foot forward] recite:

Allah is the Greatest in His absolute greatness.
All praise (in surpassing abundance) be to Allah.
Glory be to Allah in the morning and evening.
Praise be to Allah, the eternally besought, the Majestic, the Single, the Generous, the Bestower of bounties, the Benefactor, the Compassionate, who did a favour and made easy for me the Ziarat of my masters, out of compassion and kindness, and did not stop me from their Ziarat, but helped and blessed.

TopRecite the combined Ziarat O Mutlaqah

Peace be on you, O Guides who show the Right Path!
Peace by on you, O the embodiments of piety!
Peace by on you, O the manifestations of true evidence for the mankind!
Peace by on you, O those who remained among the people to establish justice and fairplay!
Peace by on you, O the personifications of purity!
Peace by on you, O descendants of the Messenger of Allah.
Peace by on you, O those who are filly aware of the secret communications!

I bear witness that, verily, you explained the truth and gave sincere advice,
exercised self-control in the way of Allah,
(whenever) people contradicted you and took liberties with you, and had forgiven them.
I bear witness that, verily, you are the rightly guided Guides who show the right path;

Verily, it is obligatory to obey you;
Verily, that which you had said is true;
Verily, you invited the people, but they did not pay attention;
You gave instructions, but they did not obey;
Verily, you are the mainstay of the religion, you maintain the earth,

Do not let it depart from Allah's original model,
Allah preserved you in the pure loins, from the beginning to the end,
He transferred you from one chaste womb to another,
did not let the dirt of ignorance (even) touch you,
did not let the disorder of vain desires come near you to stir up trouble,
purified you (excelled you in knowledge) and thoroughly cleansed your substance (rendered your source qualified and effective to the highest degree of perfection),
and through you made it possible for us to obtain recompense on the "day of requital",
so, with Allah's consent (all of) you are privileged to glorify and praise
(make known the true meaning of) His attributes, and the blessings we invoke for you (Salawat),
in fact, becomes a mercy for ourselves, and an atonement of our sins,
because Allah has chosen you for us, refined our nature and manners
through that which He, as a favour, has provided us-our love for you;
by knowing you, we, before Allah, are considered exalted,
we are included among those who "profess the true faith" because we believe in your truthfulness.

This is the place where one, who has exceeded the bounds and has done wrong, discovers his own sorry plight, and taking advantage, makes a clean confession and hopes to obtain salvation
and finally is saved from the danger through you, and thus the condemned escape the total destruction.
Therefore you are my intercessors,
I have come to you, usually people run away from you, and laugh at the signs of Allah,
treat them with haughtiness,
O He who is Ever-Vigilance, never forgets one thing over another;
(who is) Everlasting Eternal, never passes away the time (free from space-time),
surrounds and keeps under control all things, (all) bounties belong to Thee,
through which, Thou prospers and assists me,
and made me know that (love of Ahlul Bayt) which binds me securely with Thy bounties,
whereas (some of) Thy servants turn aside, and ignore it due to lack of knowledge,
carelessly make light of its obligation, and turn to mediocrity instead of making use of it (love of Ahlul Bayt);
so, do a favour to me and include me among the special group which stay closely attached with them (the Ahlul Bayt).

Allah praise by to Thou, because I am here, duly thought of and summoned up,
so, do not deny me that which I long for, do not deny me that which I long for,
do not let me fall short of that for which Thou has invited me,
in the name of the sanctity of Muhammad and his pure descendants;
blessings of Allah be on Muhammad and on the children of Muhammad.

Allahumma Salley ala Muhammad wa Ale Muhammad.

TopMap of Jannat ul Baqi
Map of Jannat ul Baqi. Provided by Hj Ali Nasour

TopCorresponding Numbers to the Map

  • Graves of Imam Hassan (2nd Imam), Imam Zaynul Abidin (4th Imam), Imam Muhammad al-Baqir (5th Imam), and Imam Ja'far as-Sadiq (6th Imam) ('a).

  • Grave of Sayyida Fatima ('a) - Daughter of the Prophet ('s) and wife of Imam Ali ('a). Location of her grave is unknown. According to some historians she was buried in her own room (now inside Masjid Nabawi) next to the Holy Prophet ('s)'s darih.

  • Grave of Abbas b. Abdul Muttalib - Uncle of the Holy Prophet ('s) and Imam Ali ('a).

  • Grave of Fatima bint. Asad - Mother of Imam Ali ('a).

  • Grave of Ja'far al-Tayyar - brother of Imam Ali ('a).

  • Grave of Aqeel bin Abi Talib - brother of Imam Ali ('a).

  • Graves of Safiya and Aatika - Aunts of the Holy Prophet ('s).

  • Grave of Ummul Baneen - Wife of Imam Ali ('a) and mother of Abbas.

  • Grave of Ibrahim  - son of the Holy Prophet ('s).

  • Grave of Haleema - Nursing mother of the Holy Prophet ('s).

  • Graves of the Holy Prophet's wives (ummahat al-mu'minin).

  • Graves of Zainab, Umm Kulthum and Ruqayyah – the adopted daughters of the Prophet ('s).

  • Graves of Ismaeel bin Ja’far – son of Imam Jaffar as Sadiq ('a).

  • Graves of the Martyrs of Uhud.

  • Graves of various companions (as-haab) of the Holy Prophet ('s).

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