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Bismillah ir Rahman ir Raheem
Published on 24th August, 2008

Whilst in Ihram

Provided by Hj Ali Nasour, Australian Haj Group
Photography by Hj S. Abidin

º25 Things Forbidden in Ihram

ºIhram Clothing

ºIhram Clothing for Hajj and Umrah

Mekkat Station-Masjid Shajarah. Photo Credit: Hj Halima

ºMasael Regarding Ihram

ºIhram for Men and Women

ºPrerequisites for Ihram

  1. Hunting

  2. Sexual Intercourse

  3. Kissing a woman.

  4. Touching one’s spouse with lust

  5. Looking at a woman and flirting with her

  6. Masturbating

  7. Extracting a tooth

  8. Using scent or perfume

  9. Wearing stitched clothing (for men only)

  10. Applying collyrium (surma) or henna

  11. Looking at oneself in a mirror

  12. Carrying arms

  13. Lying, boasting and abusing

  14. Quarrelling and swearing

  15. Killing insects found on the body (such as lice)

  16. Beautifying oneself

  17. Removing hair from the body

  18. Covering the head (for men)

  19. Covering the face (for women)

  20. Closing of nostrils to avoid undesirable smells or odours

  21. Taking out blood from the body

  22. Cutting the nails

  23. Reciting Nikkah (marriage contract), to be a witness and to justify it

  24. Wearing shoes, slippers or socks (that cover the top part of the feet - for men only)

  25. Being under shade (for men) including the wearing of a cap, use of umbrella or travelling in a vehicle

TopIhram Clothing

Ladies in Ihram at Arafat. Photo by S. Abidin.© Men in Ihram clothing in Muzdalifah. Photo by S. Abidin.©
Ladies in Ihram at Masjid Shajarah. Photo by S. Abidin.© Hajis in Ihram at Masjid Al Haram in Makkah. Photo by S. Abidin.©

TopIhram Clothing For Hajj and Umrah

Ihraam of Hajj becomes wajib to be put on for Hajj Tamattu after Umrah Tamattu is performed and there is usually ample time for this. If, for any reason after performing Umrah Tamattu, time is short and if one does not get into Ihraam there will be insufficient time for Wuqoof at Arafat on the 9th of Zilhajj, then it is wajib to put on Ihraam immediately to have time for Wuqoof at Arafat.

Ihraam for Hajj is the same as for Umrah Tamattu.

"I am wearing Ihraam for Hajj Tamattu, for Hajjatul Islam Wajib, Qurbatan Ilallaah."

TopMasael Regarding Ihram

A. It is permitted to wear Ihraam before the day of Tarwiyah which is the 8th Zilhajj, but as per Ehtiyat one should not go out of Makkah before that date. However, it is Mustahab that one puts on Ihraam for Hajj on the day of Tarwiyah.

B. The place for wearing Ihraam of Hajj is Makkah and one can wear Ihraam at any place in the city. Similarly, Niyyat and Talbiyyah are also Wajib except the Niyyat will be ‘I am wearing Ihraam for Hajj Tamattu, and shall remain from all that is forbidden during Ihraam, in obedience to Allah’.

C. When this Ihraam is worn it is Ehtiyat that no Sunnat Tawaaf is performed before leaving for Arafat, otherwise Talbiyyah will have to be renewed.

D. If one did not know or forgot to wear Ihraam until he or she reached Arafat or Mina, and learnt about it before starting the Wajib rituals, he or she should return to Makkah, wear Ihraam and return to perform the rituals.

If it is difficult to return to Makkah for good reason or time is running short, it is Ehtiyat that he or she should return as far as possible. If that is not possible it will be Wajib to wear Ihraam at the place where he or she remembered or learnt about Ihraam.

E. If someone forgetful or ignorant of the Masael completed all the rituals of Hajj without remembering Ihraam or knowing about it, his Hajj would be valid. But if he remembers or learns about it after Arafat or Mashar or before finishing the rituals then he should wear Ihraam immediately. It is Ahwat for the person to complete the remaining parts of Hajj and return again the next year to perform Hajj again.

F. If a person deliberately leaves out Ihraam of Hajj until he has completed his Wuqoof of Arafat and Mashar, his Hajj is then Batil.

TopIhram for Men and Women

For Men

Ihraam is the wearing of two pieces of cloth, one wrapped around the shoulders and the other covering the body from the naval to the knees, this is wajib. Ihraam clothes must not be sewn.

For Ladies

Ladies can wear stitched clothing but the face, hands and feet should be open.

It is mustahab for both ladies and gents to wear white and that the material be simple.

The conditions for the clothes for Ihraam are the same as those clothes for prayers. i.e. they must not be:

  1. Made of gold.

  2. Usurped or stolen.

  3. Of pure silk (even for women).

  4. Part of the animal, whose flesh is not eaten.

TopPrerequisites for Ihram

Although the acts below are not Wajib they are highly recommended (mustahab) to perform them.

Ghusl – It is recommended to perform Ghusl for each of the following although it will suffice to perform one Ghusl with the following five niyyats:

  1. To wear Ihraam for Umrah Tamattu.

  2. To enter the Haram (boundary) of Makkah.

  3. To enter the city of Makkah.

  4. To enter Masjid Al-Haram.

  5. To make Tawaaf of Khana Kaaba.

There is a dua to recite which can be found in Adabul Haramain on page 211,then proceed to pray Mustahab Salaat for wearing Ihraam, you can recite 2, 4, or 6 Rakaats, the Niyyat is as follows:

"I am reciting 2 Rakaat Salaat for Ihraam of Umrah Tamattu, for (Hajjatul Islam or Mustahab Hajj), Qurbatan Illallah".


There is a dua to be recited after salaat on page 212 of Adabul Haramain. For wearing Ihraam one must proceed to Meeqat.

These are specific places in Saudi Arabia where Pilgrims must put on Ihraam. If travelling from Madinah towards Makkah, the Meeqat is Masjid Shajarah (see above photo), if travelling from Jeddah it is necessary to stop at Johfa before proceeding to Makkah.


It is mustahab to utter words for the niyyat of wearing Ihraam. The niyyat should encompass the following:

  • The intention must be for attaining nearness to Allah.

  • The intention must be made at a Meeqat (as above).

  • That the Ihraam is worn for Umrah or Hajj and whether for Hajj Tamattu, Qiran or Ifraad. If Hajj is being performed on behalf or someone else, the niyyat must be expressed as for that person.

  • "I am wearing Ihraam for Umrah Tamattu, for Hajjatul Islam Qurbatan Ilallaah."

(See Niyyat Section)

Ihram on Aeroplane

Since Jeddah is not identified as one of the prescribed Meeqats nor Mahaz Meeqat, it is, therefore, not sufficient to put on Ihraam in Jeddah. If one wishes to travel to Makkah from Jeddah then Ihraam has to be worn by nazr in one's own country or in the Airplane at a distance approximately one hour before reaching Jeddah. In this case, one will have to pay kaffara (for gents only) for travelling under shade but only if this is during daytime.(Please refer to your Mujtahid’s book of fatwas for variations).
Nazr should be made in this manner:
"Allah has the right over me that I should become Muhrim from here."

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