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Courtesy of IFSA

"The sun and the moon follow the prescribe timings. And the herbs and the trees do bow unto him” 

The Earth

What! Made us not a wide expanse? And the mountains as bolts?


Hydroglobe. Courtesy of IFSA


55:5-6. Photo credit Hj S.Abidin

"The sun and the moon follow the prescribe timings. 
And the herbs and the trees do bow unto him” 

Photography by S.Abidin

The mountains-Art Credit to Harun Yahya

What! Made us not a wide expanse? 
And the mountains as bolts?


Art Credit to Harun Yahya

Art Credit to Harun Yahya

"The waters drawn from the ocean by the rays of the sun from clouds that float or are driven by winds in the atmosphere over the land areas, where they fall as rain..."
Art Credit to Harun Yahya


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Geology- The Earth

Lightning-Art Credit to Harun Yahya

God is the one who shows you the lightening, with fear and materialism he raised up the heavy clouds. The thunder glorifies his praise and so do the angel for fear. He sends the thunderbolt and strikes with them who he wills while they are disputing about god. His Al-mighty in his power. 

Art Credit to Harun Yahya

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Bismillah ir Rahman ir Raheem
Published on 26 Jumaada ul Thaany, 1425/12th August, 2004.

Allah the Designer

By Safiya A. Teja

Acknowledgements: Al-Mahdi Centre, Tanzania. Illustrations by S.Abidin, Harun Yahya and IFSA.
Photography by S.Abidin and Sea Anemone Illustration by S.Abidin
° Introduction
° The Atom
° The Earth
° The Sea

Sea anenome clown fish by S.Abidin

° The Plants
° Identifying God
° References
° Additional Url's on Science

"Verily in the creation of the heavens and the earth and (in) the alternation of the night and the day there are signs (of his sovereignty) for a man who possesses wisdom. Those who remember Allah (swt), 
standing and sitting and reclining on their sides and think seriously in the creation of the heavens and the earth. (saying):

Oh our Lord! Thou hast not created all this is in vain! Glory is to You! 
Save then from the torment of the hell fire”.


There is not an animal that does not walk upon the earth, not a bird that flies with its two wings, but they are communities the like of you.



A close study of the material universe inspires fear in the minds of honest men. When one appreciates its amazing size and difficulty, its orders, unity and rhythm, one realizes ones own smallness and the unspeakable greatness of the One who created it all. His image of Himself shrinks to insignificance as he contemplates the depths of space and realizes that the earth he stands on is less than a simple grain of sand by comparison.

From the very largest heavenly bodies to the very tiniest atomic particles, we are confronted an order and design so marvellous that many who study it have to admire as a university of geology has said: (Light, Knowledge and Truth)


"Run away Universe. Courtesy IFSAWe live in a universe not of chance, but of law and order. Its administration is completely rational and worthy of utmost respect. Consider and marvellous mathematical scheme of nature that permits us to give successive atomic numbers to every element."


When astronomers began mapping the heavens centuries ago, they never dreamed of its size and difficulty. What at first appeared through their telescope to be far-away stars, were later found to be entire "islands and universes" of stars called galaxies, where billions of stars were collected together in an orderly system.


More advanced and improved telescopes revealed thousands, millions, billions of these galaxies. So colossal has the size of our universe proved to be and so vast the distance within it, that the most advanced scientific method has scratched the surface in understanding it.


The billions of galaxies each containing countless stars, planets, and the other bodies, were also found to be in orderly arrangement. For example, our galaxy, called the Milky Way, containing about 100,000,000,000 stars, is associated with at least another 17 galaxies in what might be called a galactic group. Other galactic groups contain hundreds, or even thousands, of galaxies.


Despite the existence of so many heavenly bodies, there is a little danger of impact, for the spaces in between them are vast.


"The sun and the moon follow the prescribe timings. 
And the herbs and the trees do bow unto him” 


Our closest neighbour, the moon is over 238,000 miles away. But since there about 100,000,000,000 stars in our own galaxies, the Milky Way, are not the same close enough to cause danger to the earth? No, because the nearest star is the sun, and it is 93,000,000 miles away. The next closest star is about 270,000 times as far away from us as the sun is!


So vast are distances in the universe that they are measured in "light years", the distance the light travels in one year at its speed of over 186,000 miles per second. This amounts to about 6,000,000,000,000 miles a year! The closest star other than sun, one of the Alpha Centauri group, is over four light years away, or about 25,000,000,000,000.

Our Milky Way galaxy measures about 100,000 light years in diameter, which helps explain why its scores of stars are in little danger of colliding. Beyond that, the distance from our Milky Way galaxy to the next closest galaxy like it, called Andromeda, is about 1,400,000 light years. That means that if you travel at the rate of 196,000 miles per second, it would take you almost 1,400,000 years to reach this neighbour galaxy! But have you the requisite means of travel and a span of age to reach it? There are yet, trillions more stars and galaxies in this unbelievable area of the heavens, lying millions of light years apart, that have not been discovered so far. What would be the vastness-edge to edge- one cannot even think? It is this unbelievable area, so impossible by any creature with any believable means of transportation and any believable span of life to penetrate through, that the Qura'an challenges the assembly of man and jinn.


Oh you assembly of body of jinn and men, if you penetrate ten bounds of the heavens and the earth, then do penetrate through you; 

but you cannot penetrate but with our authority by absolute power. 



The stars that make up the bulk of these galaxies are self enlightening bodies like our sun; each is a huge sphere intensely glowing gas. Some are so dense that one cubic inch of their material weighs several million pounds. The density of the star most familiar to us, the sun, is only about one and a half times that of liquid water.


While the size of our sun is impressive, it is only average as stars go. Its diameter of 864,000 miles seems very large compared to earths diameter of about 8,000 miles, but one star in our Milky Way, Antares has a diameter of about 350,000,000 miles 400 times that of our sun. If one edge of the Antares were placed at our earth, it would reach the sun and nearly three times beyond it.


Making the entire arrangement even more overwhelming to our limited minds is the fact that no end to these stars and star system can be detected. Each time a more powerful instrument peers into the universe, they are seen to stretch beyond that new limit of vision.


The entire extremely large mass is accurately arranged and accurate in its movements. Day after day, year after year, century after century, the stars and planets follow their paths through the skies in such orderly fashion, and are so regular in their orbits, that eclipses may be predicted centuries in advance. Their movements can set even our finest timepieces. So orderly are they that men bet their lives on the law that govern their regularity when they use them as aid to cross dark oceans by air and sea.


The magnificent expanse shouts out the glory and power of its Creator, of whom the Qura’an says:


3."O people! Remember your god’s bounty on you; is there any Creator, other than God, who provides you with sustenance from the heaven and the earth? There is no God but Him; hence are you turning away from the truth? 

13. He causes the night to enter in the day to enter into the night, and hath made He submissive unto you the sun and the moon; each travel to an appointed time. This God, your Lord! His is the kingdom!;


14. And those whom you invoke beside him own not even a straw.
If you call on them, they shall hear not your call; and even if they hear they shall answer you not."
(35:3; 13-14).


This is your Lord, God, the Creator of the universe to whom you give sons and partners, who are just as helpless as you yourselves. Could Jesus, Krishna, Azra, Zoroaster, Buddha, or any other man made god, create such a wonderful world? Certainly could not. Why hanker after them or drag them into a forbidden area which is not theirs?



About a century ago English physicist John Dalton’s experiment showed that the various elements behaved as if they were composed of tiny units. He called these units atoms  and thought they were invisible, solid particles.


Through the century that followed, further experiments disclosed that the atom was not the smallest unit. Step by step three basic building blocks were discovered inside the atom: proton, neutron and electrons. These three particles were found to have the same order line as the rest of the universe. Like a tiny solar system, electrons were discovered to be speeding around the nucleus of proton in a law-abiding system.


How big is an atom? Only a few billionths of an inch in diameter! Most of its mass is concentrated in the nucleus of proton and neutron. The size of this nucleus, however, is 100,000, times smaller than the entire diameter of the atom with its orbiting electrons. Unbelievably, as in the arrangement of stars and galaxies, the atom consists mostly of space between the nucleus and its orbiting electrons. Even with 6,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 atoms in one drop of water, there is far more space than matter.


Yet this is not all, until recent years it was thought that the protons, neutrons and electrons were the tiniest building blocks of creation. However, modern researchers have brought to light many other small particles inside the atom. Scientist numbers them more than thirty. Some are thought to relate to the mysterious force hiding the nucleus of the atom together which, when split, produces the fantastic quantities of energy see in atomic explosion. There is also some evidence now that even the protons and neutrons themselves maybe minute systems, with a central core or nucleus surrounded by clouds of smaller particles.


So whether we examine the universe or the atom we observe amazing powers, order, unity or and difficulty far beyond our ability to understand fully. What we can understand is the same order and harmony in both, testify to their having the same Creator.


As a professor of biology stated: "From the drop of the water seed through the microscope to the distant star observed through the telescope I wonder at the exact neatness that I observe, so exact, that laws have been formulated to express its steadiness. Somewhere back of all this order must be a supreme being, for there can be no order and no law without the supreme mind. (Light, Knowledge and Truth)


Einstein said (Light, Knowledge and Truth) he had "A deep emotional conviction of the presence of a superior reasoning power, which is revealed in the beyond your understanding universe. From the large to the small, from the star to the atom, our universe outstandingly demonstrates the power of harmony of gods work.



What! Made us not a wide expanse? And the mountains as bolts?



Earth is, as desired by god, mans home, his only home, try as he will, he cannot stay away from it in space for any length of time. His life depends upon it. His needs for it inspire his hunger for knowledge about it. What he had learned reveals that life on the earth is no accident, but the earth was especially designed for human habitation. There are ever so many characteristics that, as far as is known, they are peculiar to it and are very important to the life of man and beasts.


First of all, there is earth’s temperature. This depends primarily upon its distance from the sun, some 93 million miles with a variation of 3 miles in the course of a year. Were the earth as far removed from the sun as are the planets Neptune and Pluto, no life of the type found on earth would be possible. The temperature would be far too cold; on the other hand, if the earth were much closer to the sun, life likewise would be impossible because of the extreme heat. The mariner (2) space vehicle, shot into space within the past years, revealed that the surface of Venus, a planet that is one third closer to the sun melting than that of earth has a surface temperature of 2000. A temperature that is far above the melting point of lead. Clearly, the earth’s distance from the sun is evidence of design and wisdom of the creator.


And so is the very speed of the earth as it rotates on it axis. Were the earth to rotate on its axis only once a year, as is the case with its sister planet mercury, one half of the earth would be frozen sub zero waste and the other half a burning heater.


Concerning the importance of temperature to the maintenance of life upon earth, A.R. Wallace once well said:  

"The essential features of the structure of organized beings are, continuous growth and repair of tissues, nutrition by the absorption of dead or living matter from without, and its transformation into the various unstable compounds of which their bodies are built up. For these purposes a double system of circulation, gaseous and liquid has to be continuously in operation, and this carried on by means of minute cellular vessels, which infuse every part of the body. The wonderfully complex and elegantly adjusted circulating systems are entirely dependent on the continuous maintenance of very narrow range of temperature somewhere between the extremes of the boiling and the freezing points of water.


Only slightly less important than the right temperature of the earth is its atmosphere, which gives no less striking evidence for earth’s being designed for human habitation. Therefore concerning the nature of earth’s atmosphere one authority states:


"The single fact is that the rate of gases are present here is only small amounts, much smaller than these known elsewhere in the universe. At the same time, oxygen nitrogen….. And water vapours are present in much greater abundance than elsewhere. The relative distribution of elements in the universe has been determined by spectroscopic analysis of meteorites. These show that the rare gases are present here only in a few millions to billions of their cosmic abundance. Now, since the solar system and probably the known universe are generally assumed to have been formed from reasonable proportionate share of various elements."


But such is not the case. Why? And what is the origin of atmospheric oxygen, which is found in such abundance in the earth’s atmosphere (21%) and which is so essential to life? Scientist cannot answer. They offer various hypotheses, but there are objections to all of them.


Yes, no other known planet has an atmosphere capable has an atmosphere capable of sustaining human life. Was this a simple accident, something that happened by chance?


That’s not all. The atmosphere not only makes human life possible on earth but it is most vital factor in preserving it. According to the Larousse encyclopaedia of the earth, the atmosphere does this by acting, first of all, "as an insulating blanket, keeping temperatures in the middle and high attitudes from dropping extremes during night and winter". Secondly, according to the same authority, "the atmosphere serves, to protect us from those of the sun’s rays which are harmful. The ultraviolet end of the spectrum in particular, while important and necessary for life, is nevertheless fatal below certain wavelength."


What protects the earth from these raise is a thin layer of ozone some 100,000 miles above the surface of the earth. Who but the designer of the earth and creator of man could have foreseen the vital need for such a shield? Nor are the sun’s harmful rays the only ones against which the earth’s atmosphere furnishes protection. When the earth passed through the tail of Halley’s comet in 1910, it was feared that harm would come to the human race because the tail contained cyanogens, a deadly gas. But even the atmosphere protects man from the sun’s harmful rays so it prevented this gas from reaching the surface of the earth.


Acting like a protecting covering, the atmosphere further protects man from the multitudes of meteors that fall upon the earth. At times thousands fall at one night. They could cause great harm and damage to the earth and its inhabitants if they were not burned up by the friction due to the earth’s atmosphere. The condition on the moon highlights this fact. Therefore we are told:  

"The utter contrast between the surface of the moon and the earth, who’s environments in space are so similar, is practically striking. The moon’s surface is dry and without air. On it are no continents, no long ranges of mountains, and no active volcanoes, but instead a multitude of meteorite craters of all sizes, which are almost lacking on the earth. (Light, Knowledge and Truth)


Not to be overlooked is the role that the atmosphere plays in the earth’s water cycle. The waters drawn from the ocean by the rays of the sun from clouds that float or are driven by winds in the atmosphere over the land areas, where they fall as rain. Without such rainfall, man could not live. Surely these varying and vitals roles that the atmosphere plays making human life possible upon the surface of the earth could not be the result of blind chance but, rather, argue expressively in favour of the earth’s being designed for human habitation by A.M Aster, Designer as  "The best of the Creators."


In addition to the water cycle there are also the phosphorus, nitrogen and oxygen cycles, all essential to life of man and beasts and giving further expressive proof that the earth was indeed designed for human habitation. For instance, if there is any truly mineral element more important to life than any other it is phosphorus. It is comparatively rare and fleeting, being easily lost by being combined with other elements. Man and beast get it especially by eating grains, which take it from the soil. It is returned to the soil by manure and decaying bodies. Because of man’s carelessness much precious phosphorus is washed into the sea, depriving the land.


However, this phosphorus is not lost entirely, for the sea had its own phosphorus cycle. Plankton absorbs phosphorous, zooplankton eats plankton, small fish eat the zooplankton, and large fish eat the small fish. When sea plants and animals die they sink to the bottom of the ocean to build up reserves of phosphorous, to which is added that which comes into the sea by soil erosion and sewage. Unbalanced climates and cloud weather cause an inversion of the upper and lower of water, therefore bringing the phosphorous up so it can be eaten by the plankton. This stars the cycle all over again. Large numbers of the human race on fish for protein, and the abundance of fish in the ocean largely depend upon this inversion of the upper and the lower layers, this phosphorous cycle of the sea. Likewise essential to human is the oxygen cycle.


There is no question about oxygen being vital to man’s habitation to the earth. It is kept in equilibrium by the oxygen cycle. Plant maintain this cycle by taking carbon-dioxide out if their air and realizing oxygen. Man and beast, in turn take oxygen and release carbon-dioxide.


Still another cycle essential to man’s earthly existence is that of nitrogen, a gas that comprises 78% of the earth’s atmosphere. Nitrogen is moderately still gas that man does not readily mix with other elements. If it did, the oceans would all be a weak solution of nitric acid, making life in earth impossible. In the nitrogen-cycle the thunderstorms as well as bacteria found on the roots of such plants as peas, beans and clover, introduce nitrogen into the soil in to form of nitrates that can be absorbed by plants. As plants and animal matter decay they release nitrogen to the atmosphere, thereby completing the cycle. Another valuable purpose served be nitrogen is that of a dilute of air’s oxygen so that there is just right amount of free oxygen to support life and for the burning of combustible materials. Surely all these cycles, so vital to life on earth, could not possibly be the product of blind chance but forcefully argue that the earth was indeed designed for human by the most merciful eternal originator of the universe.


Among other factors that argue in behalf of the earth’s being designed for human habitation are the size and location of the moon. Were the moon twice its present size, it would cause such-tides and stuffed in the earth’s crust that man and beast could not exist upon the earth, that is, upon the land. The same is true if the moon were half distance from the earth that it currently is.


The lowly, humble dust particle furnishes still another proof of design. Dust enters the earth’s atmosphere by means of meteors, volcanoes and desert winds. Without dust, life would not be possible on the earth.


Intelligent design is also evident in the tilt of the earth axis at an angle of 13 degrees; consider what Morrison, one time president of the New York academy of sciences and a life member of royal institute of Great Britain, says:


"The earth is tilted at an angle of twenty three degrees. This gives us our seasons. If it had not be tilted, the poles would move north and south, piling up the continents of ice and leaving possibly a desert between the equator and the ice. Icy rivers would erode and roar through canyons into the salt-covered bed of ocean to form temporary pools of brine, the weight of the unbelievingly vast mass of ice would depress the poles, causing our equator to erupt or at least show the need of a waistlines belt. The lowering of the ocean would expose vast new areas and diminish the rainfall in all parts of the world, with fearful results."


Much more evidence could be adduced, would space permit, but the fore going should be enough to prove that the earth was designed for human habitation. Such an amazing number of conditions and balances could not by any means have come about by chance. Only because of design are men of science able to regard it:  


"Mans home-the surface of the earth-is a small and temperate shelter in a vast and alien universe……. Well much mankind glory in its fertile plains, its snow-capped pinnacles, its mighty oceans, for they are rare examples of moderation in a universe where extremes of heat and cold prevail……..on the earth the greatest miracle is life, but the combination of circumstances which have made life possible is hardly less remarkable."


Yes, it is not less true that man was designed for earthly habitation. The Qura’an makes it clear:


God is he who created sevens heavens, and of the earth, the like unto them; 

the decree continues the descend among

Them; that you may know that god has power over all things and that god indeed encompasses all things in (his) knowledge. (65:12).


Mans arm, legs and hands are ideally suited for him to move about on this earth, to provide for himself food, clothing and shelter. The earth abounds with sounds; man’s ear is constructed so as to pick up the greatest possible number of sounds useful and enjoyable to him. The earth also abounds in colours, and man has colour vision. More than all this, man has intellect, a brain, making it possible for him to appreciate beauty, so that all this beauty is not wasted on him.


Man has been given a set of teeth and the earth abound with all manners of fruits, vegetables, cereals, on which to use his teeth, as well as such sweets as syrups and honey to delight his sense of taste. Water in essential to man’s existence, and what an abundance of it there is upon earth! There was a time when scientists casually wondered that some day man would content himself with a few concentrated pellets. But he knows better, for both bulk and taste are essential for proper digestion and elimination, and the food being pleasing to the eye also aids in digestion.


Earth designed for human habitation and man designed for earthly habitation-by whom? By the Creator, Allah the most beneficent, the best of Creators.



Hydroglobe. Credit to IFSAAlthough this planet is called earth, seas cover 71% of its surface. The volume of water that they contain is so great that, if the earth were bulldozed smooth, seawater will overwhelm it to a depth of over two miles. But far from being a wasteland, the seas swarm with life. In fact, the first living thing creatures on this planet were so designed as to live comfortably in the seas.


Those that have explored the ocean depths are amazed at the beauty of the design and the mobility of these countless sea creatures. There seems to be no end to their variety, and each one is so equipped as to live in its particular habitat; whether that is at the seashore, in warm surface waters, or in the near freezing depths of undersea valleys beneath more than six miles of water.


Although one may be inspired by the majestic waves pounding a rocky shore, a careful examination of the many living creatures that make their home along the shore can be equally rewarding. Many of the animals have remarkable behaviour cycles that are repeated with the outgoing tide and flow of the tides. The regular changing of the colour of the common fiddler crab is a good example. A scientific journal reported the following interesting results of some experiments conducted on these creatures in April 1954:  

  • sometimes the crab is darkest in the morning, sometimes at noon and occasionally both early morning and early evening. The time greatest darkness to occur about 50 minutes later each successive day. Now it is common knowledge that high and low tides in any given locality also occur about 50 later each day. We found that the maximum darkening of the crabs in our laboratory came at about the time of day when the tide was low in the place where they had been collected. In other words, at the very same time that crabs on the beach were taking the darkest shade as protection from sunlight and predators, their captured relatives in the laboratory, who had been kept in a darkroom for a long as a month, also were becoming the darkest. *

How marvellously these creatures are designed for their protection! To emphasize how remarkably precise is the mechanism that triggers this change colour, * fiddler crabs from woods hole were kept in the darkroom side by side with crabs from Martha Vineyard, where low tide comes from hour later in the day. The vineyard crabs turned their darkest just four hours later than the wood hole crabs. * where do sea creatures get the wonderful timing mechanism that is triggered by the outgoing tide and flow of the tides? Evading the answer that God is responsible, scientist say that:

  • such biological clocks are inherited. (Light, Knowledge and Truth)

The Sea AnemoneAnother wonderful creature that is found attached to rocks or in tide pools along the shore of sea is the sea-anemone. How beautifully coloured they are! Some are olive green, other are flesh coloured of orange, while still other are pink or crimson. Slight rolling tentacles arranged around a central disc give them appearance of lovely flowers. But let tiny shrimps in the surrounding area beware! Those colourful tentacles posses "lasso threads" that dart out and paralyse unsuspecting victims with poison. The petal-like tentacles then reach out and pull the stunned prey into its centre, where it vanishes into the mouth of the anemone.


Therefore the beautiful, helpless-looking anemone is wonderfully designed for survival. But perhaps even more marvellous is the way that it contributes to the support and well-being of the daddy longlegs of the shore creatures, known as the sea spider. After the anemone has finished dining, this eight-legged spider-like creatures emerges from some secret lair among the weeds and pebbles and confidently crawl over the anemone’s colourful tentacles. Surprisingly, no poisonous threads dart out to strike him. Instead the sea spider proceeds unmolested to the centre of the anemone, where it inserts its long snout in the anemone’s mouth, and calmly sucks up the contents of the latter’s stomach!


Why does the sea anemone allow this robbery? That is no more puzzling than why certain fish and shrimp make their home in anemone’s stomach and never digested, while similar little creatures are consumed. In tropical waters sea anemones grow to huge sizes, having tentacles two feet in length. Amazingly, they allow brightly coloured coral fish to dart in and out their stomachs, even though their everyday food consists of similar fish.


An article in scientific American (August 1951), suggests that sea anemones may, in some way, benefit from the probing into its intestines by other sea creatures. The magazine that studies have revealed that a large number of marine organisms either live by cleaning other fish or benefit from being cleaned by them. Cleaner fish, which are now known to include 26 species, are specially equipped for their work with pointed snouts and tweezers like teeth. Since other fish do not interfere with them, they are generally brightly coloured and stand out in their environment. Host fish of many kinds travel long distances in order to receive treatment at these hospitals and beauty parlours of the underworld. "Even a small cleaning station," this scientific journal reported, "may process a large number of fish in the course of a day. I saw up to 300 fish cleaned at one station in the Bahamas during one 6 hour daylight period. Some of the fishes pass from station to station and return many times during the day; those could be identified by day at regular time intervals." This amazing behaviour called "cleaning symbiosis" is recognized as an important activity that occurs throughout the marine world.


But scientists wonder " what mechanism prevents ordinarily hungry fishes from consuming the little cleaners?" Clearly, it is all part of God’s marvellous design, which design becomes too evident when one explores his wonderful work in the depths.


Consider, for instance, fishes that inhabit cold northern waters. Recently, scientists took some from the Hebron Fjord in Labrador, where both the water and the fish were a few degrees below freezing. The fish, however, were protected by a built in supply of anti-freeze.


Sea birds and turtles are able to drink salty water, which dehydrate and turn the stomach of their land-dwelling cousins. How is this possible? Recent studies reported in the January 1959 issue of the scientific American show that, in addition to their kidneys, sea birds have "a special gland in the head which disposes of salt more rapidly than any kidney does". Similar experiments with sea turtle revealed that their tears come from a large gland behind their eyeball, which produces a liquid about the same as that of the salt gland secretion of the sea bird.


The more man learns about the creatures of the sea, the more he is impressed with the wonderful way they are made to live in their environment. Fish gills, for instance, are designed to extract oxygen from the water and throw out carbon dioxide. The scientists are studying the possibility of constructing an artificial gill like that of fish. Swim bladders and other devices that allow sea creatures to float and adjust to various ocean depths are equally amazing.


True, not all fish have swim bladders, but those that do not are the bottom dwelling variety, or they are in some way specially equipped, as are the streamlined, well muscled mackerel and tuna, who find constant motion practically effortless. Most other fish posses swim bladders that expand as the fish descends, allowing it to sink. The fish can then adjust the volume of gas in the bladder so as to bring itself into equilibrium with the depth it desires.


Some sea creatures, however, have special floating devices. For instance, cuttlefish uses its cuttlebone (a large absorbent bone along its back) just as a submarine commander uses the cheerfulness tanks of his craft. When the submarine is to submerge, its cheerful tanks are filled with water; when it is on surface, compressed air blows the water out of the tanks…… in its cuttlebone the cuttlefish therefore possess a cheerful regulating device of a most resourceful kind. Man’s submarine is only an imitation of nature’s cuttlefish, which proves how man to advance intellectually, has to depend in the humblest creatures of god.


The squid, on the other hand, possess a large cavity that is filled with just the right amount of fluid of the proper density to give it cheerful. Interestingly, he deep diving bathy-space bears a resemblance to the squid, and for that reason the cranchid squid are sometimes called "bathy-scaphoid squid". Though the etymology of the term is suspicious, it may serve to remind us of an important  lesson: our pride in man’s  latest discoveries must be tempered by the knowledge that other animals may have been using them from time immemorial.


Therefore, the exploration of the sea is not only fascinating, but it also teaches man that the Master Designer, the Best Creator, of the marvellous wonders found there should be looked up to for guidance and wisdom.


Shark- Harun Yahya Art



(God) is the one who sends water down from sky. 

There with we brought forth plants of all kinds and from them the verdure and we brought forth from it the clustered grains, and from the palm trees its spathes with bunches of dates low, the gardens of grapes, olive and pomegranates similar and different. 

Look at their fruits, when bear it, and their ripening. 

Verily, in that there are signs for people who believe. 



Plants. Photography by M. Al-ZahraBy wrapping the earth in a green, colourfully decorated mantle, plant life makes men planetary home a delightful place in which to live. In fact, its presence spells the difference between the earth’s being what it is and its being a barren, lifeless chunk of matter floating in space. Without it no life could exist on earth, because, either directly or indirectly, all living creatures are dependent upon plants for life. The marvellous manner in which they do this is currently no accident.


All plants are not alike and are, therefore, subdivided into groups. These groups include minute unicellular and simple multicellular plants know as bacteria and algae, plants without chlorophyll known as fungi (e.g. Moulds and mushrooms), and other (simple and complex plants).


Plants are autototrophs this means they make their own food and that food making is called photosynthesis, and the products of photosynthesis are glucose and oxygen. The factors affecting photosynthesis are sunlight, chlorophyll, carbon dioxide, optimum temperature, and water from the soil, mineral salts, and enzymes.

The plants extract carbon form carbon dioxide gas in the atmosphere, hydrogen and oxygen from the water its draws from the soil, and then combine these elements into a great variety of complex products. The energy it needs for doing this it gets from the sunlight.


In fact the plants remove 100,000,000,000 tons of carbon from the atmosphere every year. But men need oxygen and animals are liberated from the leaves as a waste product resulting from their breaking down into hydrogen and oxygen.


Not all water taken up by a plant is used by it. A large amount is transpired or evaporated from its leaves. A sunflower, for example might give off a quart of water in a single day. Necessarily, transpiration must be regulated so the plant ill not loose water where it needs it. This is accomplished by an increase or a decrease in the swelling of two crescent shaped guard cells around the mouth of each pore. Therefore death causes the pore to close, stopping the plants loss of water. The guard cells of many plants open the pores or stomata when the air is moist but close them when the air is dry or when darkness stops photosynthesis.


The manner in which flowers are fertilized shows all the evidence of clear and through understanding of natural laws. Their structure could not have been accidental. The male organs of flower are its pollen bearing stamens, and the female organs are the pollen catching stigmas along with the ovules that produce seeds. Catching stigmas along with the ovules that produce seeds. When the stamen and the stigma are in the same blossom, the flower is usually designed in such a way that is not self-pollinating but must be pollinated by another flower. Self-pollination is commonly prevented by a condition in which the stamens and pistil of a flower mature at different times. In the case of the fireweed, the style, which bears the stigma, is curved backward during the period that have fluffy tufts attached to them so they can float in the air and be carried great distances by the wind? Others, like the residue and maple, have seeds to glide through the air. Still others have hooks that attach to the fur of animals or have explosive pods that shot seeds away from the parent as they explode. How could non-thinking plants recognize the need for seeds scattering, much less devise the way of accomplishing it?


Intelligent design is very evident plants such as the pitcher plants and there are many more like sundew, the bladder wart etc but here will talk about the pitcher plant only.


The pitcher plant has vase-shaped leaves that hold rainwater. The upper half of the pitcher has an inner surface that is smooth and slippery, and below this region there is a zone of stiff hair that point down ward. Insects venturing into the slippery surface lose their foothold and fall into the pitcher and drown in the water at the bottom. The down-pointing hairs prevent them from getting out. As the insect decays and is acted upon by a digestive enzyme secreted by the plant, and the plant absorbs it.


There seems to be no end of examples of intelligent plant life. Wherever a person may look he will find non-thinking plants doing things and making use of natural laws in way that exceed the intellectual ability of average humans and, in some cases, even of the most skilled scientists. All this actions done by plants are done by god the designer who has created everyone.



Recite from the book revealed to you and offer prayer! Prayer restrains from filth and evil and remember of Allah is the greatest thing in life without doubt and Allah knows what you do


         And surely, we have honoured the children of Adam and carried them on the land and the sea and provided them with good things, and we have made them to excel by an appropriate excellence over many of those who created.



He who knows himself has known his Lord." (Imam Ali a.s) 

(Light, Knowledge and Truth)


How marvellous are the laws that govern the movement within the tiny atom, as well as the rotation of the stars and the planets. How beautiful are creatures of the sea are designed for their home! It is not natural that the person should want to become familiar with the one responsible for all these miracle of creations?


It may be strange that many do not believe that anyone is responsible for all this. Others who relate the creatures of their own whims with the god, as his partners equal in his status, while they posses nothing and were created by him, and met their end like other creatures. Yet they console themselves with the idea of being "true" believers the theists. And those, atheists, believe that life sprang impulsively from nothing and that it continues without any intelligent direction. But certainly science, which is "knowledge concerned with the physical world and its facts", does not indicate this conclusion. To the contrary, David Sarnoff, a great scientist of his day, asserted:  


"Science begets humility. Its very discovery reveals more clearly the divine design in nature, the remarkable harmony in all things, from the extremely small to the never-ending, that surpasses mortal understanding. The physical processes and laws of the universe are logical, all embracing and completely dependable. They imply a supreme designer, and the beauty and balance of his handwork inspire reverence."


The most noted names in science agree with this observation. Einstein said that it was enough for him "to try humbly to comprehend even and extremely small part of the intelligence manifest in the nature".  


Lord Kelvin said: "If you think strongly enough, you will be forced by science to believe in God."


There is plan, design and order every where if one looks in the world (and when there is a plant there is intelligence)." testifies the truth of the most majestic statement ever-uttered -------- " in the beginning ------ God!" this was said by Arthur H. Compton.


   "For you god made the earth a carpet so that you travel along its road and the path of valleys."



    "The earth, we have spread it out. How excellently we did that. 
The carpet which had been spread out is the earth’s crust, a solidified shell on which we can live, since the globes sub-strata are very hot, 
fluid and hostile to any form of life."



     God is the one who shows you the lightening, with fear and materialism he raised up the heavy clouds. 

The thunder glorifies his praise and so do the angel for fear. 

He sends the thunderbolt and strikes with them who he wills while they are disputing about god. His Al-mighty in his power. 



The Holy Qura’an proves and teaches man, to believe in the unity of God. How men and nation should live, what their duties are towards one another in short all questions relating to their social, moral and economic of men and nations have been dealt with the Holy Qura’an "


In the end I would say all praises is only for Allah and none else and He is the Designer of the earth and the heavens and to Him we worship and we seek help so:


 O Lord! Guide us all on the right path and not of those who went astray.



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Further Science Related Reading

Sites with Scientific Signs of the Quran:


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