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Bismillah ir Rahman ir Raheem
Published on 6 Ramadhan, 1424.

Why Believe in the Unseen?

By Mohammedi Rai Shehri
Translated by: Fatema Tahira Zaidi
Reference:  "Behas-e-Azad dar Islam" 

Cell DNA

During a lengthy discussion with Abu Shakir, the conversation turned to the belief in the unseen and Imam.

Sadiq ('a) stated: You say I tell stories and invite people to worship a God that has not been seen. Can you, who deny the unseen God, look inside yourself?

Abu Shakir: No.

Imam: If you could see inside yourself you would not have said that since Allah cannot be seen, the belief in Him is a fable.

Abu Shakir: How is seeing inside self related to the worship of a God that does not exist?

Imam: Do you say that a thing that is not seen and is incapable of being heard, touched, smelt or tasted does not exist and since it does not exist it is not worth worshipping?

Abu Shakir: Yes this is what I mean.

Blood Circulation

Imam: Do you hear the sound of blood circulating in your body?

Abu Shakir: Does blood circulate in the body?

Imam: Yes. Do you smell the circulating blood in your body?

Abu Shakir: No.

Imam: Every few minutes blood circulates throughout your body once. If for a few minutes blood stopped circulating in your body, you would die.

Abu Shakir: I cannot accept that blood circulates in my body.

Imam: What prevents you from accepting that blood circulates in the body is ignorance and naiveté. It is this ignorance that keeps you from acknowledging the Only God.

Movement of the Living Cells

Imam: Do you know about the creatures Allah created and appointed to function in your body so that you would be kept alive?

Abu Shakir: No.

Imam: You cannot be aware of their existence because you only believe in the presence of what can be seen. If you would become learned, you would know that the beings living in your body are numerous like the grains of the sand in the desert. They come into existence in your body, mature, and reproduce and after sometime they become useless. However, you do not see, hear, touch ,smell, or taste them... They come into existence, mature and die till you remain alive. Although ignorance is the cause of your denial, you imagine you are being progressive by denying their presence.

If you recognised yourself and understood what goes into your existence... you would not have said that since I do not see Allah I do not accept His existence and that I consider the unseen God to be a fable.

Atomic Movement in the Stone

Do you not see the handiwork of God in the making of this stone? You think it is rigid and motionless because you cannot see its movement. If anyone tells you that in this stone movements take place that would make the movement of all of us gathered here look like stillness, you would not believe in him. You would say he was story telling and would consider yourself a wise man...unaware of the fact that due to your ignorance, you cannot learn about the movement inside the stone. Perhaps a day will come when the spread of knowledge would enable man to see the movement inside the stone.

Invalidity of the Theory of Self Creating Universe

O' Abu Shakir, You said everything that comes into existence in this world is formed by itself and that it does not have a Creator, like the self growing grass. However, you did not consider that the grass in the desert does not grow till it has seeds and the conditions for nurturing are provided. If you were one of the learned you would know that wisdom does not accept that creation can come into existence by itself. Rather, it needs a Creator even if that creature is inanimate, vegetation or an animal.

If you were learned you would know that among the scholars of various schools of thought there was not even a single person who did not believe in a Creator. The idea that some of the scholars did not believe in a Creator was due to the fact that they identified the Creator with names other then Allah. Even those who totally denied Allah in their own philosophies believed in an originator and could not remain detached from the belief in origin.

It is ignorance, not wisdom that causes the denial of God. If  a wise person would observe the system of the body alone, he would realise that this entire order has a  constant organiser who brought this world into existence and is its administrator.

Reference:  "Behas-e-Azad dar Islam" By Mohammedi Rai Shehri

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