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"Two wrongs do not make a right, 
Muawiyah has no mission, 
he is a person of temptation, 
but we have a mission and our mission is to establish a JUST society"

-Imam Ali ('a)

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Bismillah ir Rahman ir Raheem
Published on 24 Muharram, 1425/16th March 2004

Establishing a Just Society
Excerpt 3 of a lecture

By Dr. Kalbe Sadiq Saheb

In Sura Hadeed Allah swt says:

"It is He who sends down manifest signs to His servant that He may take you out of darkness (infidelity) into light (faith) and verily Allah is most kind and merciful to you."

Indeed [even aforetime] did We send forth Our apostles with all evidence of [this] truth; 
And through them We bestowed revelation from on high, 
And [thus gave you] a balance [wherewith to weigh right and wrong] so that men might behave with equity,
And He revealed Iron, wherein is mighty power and [many] uses for mankind,
And that Allah may know him who helpeth Him and His messengers, through unseen.
Lo! Allah is Strong Almighty.


The purpose of Allah's message is that all should live peacefully in harmony, no one should be wronged, no one should be deprived, no one should go hungry, no one should remain uneducated, no one should be homeless. This is possible if all behave in an equitable manner.

Allah swt sent down Messengers with proof and arguments and these Messengers explained in detail to the people of their time what the deen (religion is not the correct translation of "deen") encompassed and what was expected out of the people. Remember that all the Messengers came with one single purpose and that was to awaken the consciousness of men, to develop an awareness of being just with a sense of responsibility so that there remains no inequity and injustice ("zulm"). Only when the conscious is awake can "zulm" and atrocities be eradicated.

Why do we organise majalis?

Yes, to commemorate the martyrdom of our third Imam ('a)

But why did this martyrdom, the shahadat occur?

Our Imam did not go to conquer the land. His mission was to awaken the dead conscious of the people.

Muslims who are living in North America or Europe are worried about their future, but in a non Islamic country you have Freedom of Speech, you can express yourself. The second thing that you should be grateful for is that there is awareness here.

If you are aware yourself then no one can harm you. Only when you are aware can you make the other person understand your beliefs and your point of view. Are we presenting, portraying the correct Islam to the people who know little about our Deen?

Philosophical Pivots

All great religions have a pivot around which its philosophy revolves.

Christianity is Mercy based, so they have this tremendous desire of serving humanity. Christian missionaries travel to remote villages in India, Pakistan, Africa they live with the people in those inhuman conditions and serve them with the result that their love and compassion has converted entire villages to Christianity.

Prophet Isa ('a) came as a Mercy from Allah but our beloved Prophet came as Mercy for all the aalimeens. He ('s) is Rahmat al lil Alameen. Yet the behaviour of his followers is totally devoid of Mercy. I went for Haj this year and there were 3 million people there but you should have seen the attitude and chaos. Whereas in Allahabad, India they have the Kub ka Mela where 30 million people come together and not one person is crushed to death.

I was in London once reciting a majlis at the Acton Town Hall after the majlis I was talking to one of the organisers and we overstayed our time, the caretaker  came and without saying a word just stood near us which was enough of an indication to us that he had to close the doors etc. In contrast at the Masjid e Nabawi a friend's wife was praying and it was time for closing the Haram, so this man who had a broom in his hand starting to pat her with the broom as she was in Sajdah, this was a man in the Haram of the Rahmat al lilaalameen.

So Christianity is Mercy based, Hinduism is Meditation based.

Islam has 2 focal points. If you do not have these two within you, you can keep praying the entire night and keep fasting the entire day and kill yourself with rituals nothing is going to make a difference.

The 2 points.

  • Nothing is to be done against reasoning

  • Nothing against Justice

If your attitude, your word, your mannerism has caused an eye to shed a tear, a heart to become heavy. If you have ridiculed anyone, then you can forget about all the Ibadaats. Nothing in Islam will make sense until and unless you remember to stay within the sphere of Justice and reasoning.

War in Islam

A young man just asked me a question which is "can we join the Canadian Army".

You cannot join any army blindly, be it Canadian, Iranian, Pakistani or any other. You cannot join an army where you are required to take an oath that you will defend the land. You can only take an oath which says that wherever this flag will be for the cause of Justice, I will defend the flag

War in Islam is only permitted when it is to establish justice. We pray for the Zuhoor of our 12th Imam (aj). We pray that we join his army. What will his army do? His army will be to crush injustice. To join the army of the 12th Imam there will be only one condition but this condition is such that it will eliminate 99.9% of the people The condition is that you will be qualified to join his army only if you have never done zulm in your life, you have not caused hurt or harm to anyone. You have not usurped the rights of anyone. You can fight injustice only when you are not unjust yourself.

We have a responsibility, everyone present here has a responsibility, the responsibility being spreading the true Islam, the Islam that has reached us through the family of the Holy Prophet ('s)

The Prophet ('s) sent Imam Ali ('a) to Yemen. Imam Ali ('a) was the greatest warrior of his time but his character was greater, he explained Islam with such logic to the people that they entire city converted to Islam. This is the Islam that we need to preach.

Before leaving this world the Holy Prophet ('s) said that I am leaving with you two things, with one had grasp tightly to the Holy Quran and with the other hold on to my family. But what did the people do they let go of the family and instead took the sword in the hand and started to shed blood, and did not stop. The Bani Ummayads the Banu Abbas, conquered by killing is that called conquer? We have made Jews our enemies, we have made Christians our enemies. And now we are paying the price of our own atrocities.

The guidance contained in the Quran was to ensure that there remains no "zulm" or "mazloom" on earth but the Qur'an itself became the biggest mazloom. Instead of seeking Guidance from the Qur'an the use of the Qur'an has been very well captured by a poet from Hyderabad who says:

"Hoshyar tho leithe nahi Qur'an sey sabaq   Behosh ko Qur'an kee hawa deitey hain"

Is this the purpose of the Qur'an? This is a question that we all need to ask ourselves!

The Qur'an came to help us progress, to develop our capabilities, the Qur'an tells us of our enormous capabilities and how to develop these, the Qur'an tells us to conquer the skies, it tells us that every created thing is within our grasp, the tremendous potential of our intellect, the Qur'an encourages us to study the various sciences, advance technologically, the galaxies, the planets the stars are all within our reach. BUT instead of reaching the stars controlling the stars what did man do, gave control to the stars, foolishly sitting with horoscopes, giving in to superstitions. The Qur'an is telling us to use our intellect and reasoning and we are firmly embedded in superstitious which is totally against reasoning.

Please read history, one of the indications that a civilization  is headed for a downfall is when its people give in to superstitions. Superstitions, believing in black magic, Taweez etc all stem from no faith in Allah (swt) and lack of self confidence.

Have you ever thought about the people whom you approach for taweez etc and hope that they will help you overcome all your problems, how come they do not have the power to remove their own problems. If you have faith in Allah (swt) and the Qur'an then please stop these practices. Try and understand Allah (swt) and try and understand yourself. We are Allah's superior most creation, even angels do not come up to the level at which Allah (swt) has created human beings.

Sri Lankan Elephants In Sura At Tin Allah (swt) says "...We created man in the best conformation i.e endowed with all the positive qualities, physical as well as mental. Which means that each human being is endowed with the ability to make the best possible use of his/her inborn qualities and of the environment to which he/she is exposed.

The elephant is such a huge animal yet the little man sitting on it directs this animal by nudging this enormous creature with his little toe. So please use your AQL, think rationally and do not give in to superstitious practices or things which makes no sense.

Purpose of the Prophets

And remember that the one single purpose of the Prophets was to remove injustice (atrocities) from this world.

In my previous lecture I mentioned that I am not in favour of Tableegh being done only in prisons. Please do not misunderstand me I am not against any race or colour but what I am trying to say is why not gear our efforts of tableegh towards the scholars, the colleges, the universities.  I was rather disturbed when I read in the the Wall Street Journal in which a convert by the name of Waris Din Omar who calls himself Imam Waris Din Omar has given a statement justifying the 9/11 episode by quoting the Quran stating that the Holy Book permits the killing of innocent people. Now this is the kind of disfavour to Islam that I am referring to when Islam is not propagated amongst the learned, the scholars.

Islam's View on Terrorism

To look at Islam's view on terrorism, go into history when Muawiyaah established the first terrorist government in Damascus. After the battle of Siffin, his army had adopted the policy of plundering little villages, killing the people and looting their belongings.

Kumayl Ibn e Ziad who was a Governor of Imam Ali ('a) asked Imam Ali ('a) if they should do the same to Muawiyah, the Imam replied:

 "Two wrongs do not make a right, 
Muawiyah has no mission, 
he is a person of temptation, 
but we have a mission and our mission is to establish a just society"

Sura Maida tells us that if a nation has treated you unjustly that does not mean that you treat them unjustly too.

I had said earlier that Islam has two focal points:

  • Nothing against reasoning.

  • Nothing against justice.

Let me give you an example of reasoning and how place and time has to be considered in the Shariah.

Suppose you give me $100 for charity and I go to Lucknow and give it to a prostitute, a thief or a rich person. You will not be too happy when you learn of this. But listen carefully, the Prophet ('s) gave a large amount of money to Imam Ali ('a) for distribution to the needy. There were some people who were constantly keeping an eye on Imam Ali's activities hoping to find something wrong. Some of these found out that Imam Ali ('a) had given a large portion of that money to a prostitute, and to a thief and to a very wealthy man (who was a known miser), so they complained to the Prophet ('s). The Prophet ('s) asked Imam Ali ('a) to explain to these people the reason for his action and the Imam explained that the prostitute was driven to prostitution because of acute poverty the same was for the thief. When the prostitute received this money she repented and would now spend the rest of her days as a decent pious woman. The thief on receiving the money started some kind of business as for the wealthy man, he became so ashamed upon receiving charity that he vowed to spend his wealth on the less fortunate.

The lesson here being that Islam does not have hard and fast rules we have to constantly use our AQL in every situation. Islam has a problem with crime not with the criminal. There is rational and justice behind each Islamic rule.

Why was Imam Ali ('a) killed ? Because the people of that time could not bear his fairness and Justice. And even his assassin when questioned by Imam Ali ('a) as to whether he had treated him fairly was forced to reply in the affirmative.


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